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Xclusive Services – San Antonio


Xclusive Services – San Antonio

5460 Babcock Rd

Suite 110

San Antonio, TX 78240

United States



San Antonio Staffing Agency

Temp Agency in San Antonio

Did your company just get a huge number of orders, but your regular staff can’t handle the extra hours to get them out on time? Or did you have many people call out of their shift on one of your most crowded weekends of the year? Or are you looking for a way to outsource a position that you can’t manage to keep filled with quality people? In all these situations, Xclusive Services can help you.

Located at 5460 Babcock Road, we are a full-service temp agency, capable of supplying quality staff quickly. It’s part of our Xclusive Excellence™ commitment to you. Want to learn what makes Xclusive a great choice for your temp agency? Call 210-908-7955 today and see how quickly we can fill your positions with great people.

Positions Our Staffing Agency Fills in San Antonio

Xclusive aims to be your one-stop solution for all your staffing needs in San Antonio. We can fill many positions, but some of the most common requests we receive include:

Of course, that’s just a fraction of the positions we fill. Do you need something not on the list? Please call 210-908-7955 and ask. Chances are, we’ll be able to help. If we can’t, we can recommend the San Antonio staffing agency that can.

You might think a staffing agency can’t help with specialized equipment operators or workers that require certifications for the positions you need to fill, but you’d be wrong. At Xclusive, we hire many people with certifications in special positions and the ability to operate sometimes very unusual equipment.

Another common misconception is that staffing agencies can only supply low-level employees. However, at Xclusive, we can do more than that. We can supply:

  • Line-level employees
  • Supervisors
  • Independent teams

Our line-level employees will come eager and ready to work. They have a professional appearance and a professional attitude, so they’ll listen to your supervisors. On the other hand, our supervisors are highly trained and ready to supervise your employees or ours. We can also supply you with independent teams capable of working with little or no supervision from you or your managers.

Industries Looking for a Temp Agency in San Antonio

Xclusive was founded in 2002 by hotel executives who knew there had to be a better way to supply temp staff in their industry. However, we quickly learned that our approach to temp staffing, what we now call Xclusive Excellence™, was appealing across a wide range of industries. Now we commonly supply temp staff to:

Don’t hesitate to call just because your industry isn’t on the list. The odds are still good that we can supply your company with quality staff quickly.

Why Businesses in San Antonio Look for a Temp Agency

San Antonio is a vibrant city where the active business environment creates vigorous competition. In this environment, it can be hard for businesses to come up with a staffing plan that is both efficient and comprehensive. As a result, you might sometimes find yourself a little short of staff in the event of:

  • Call outs
  • Bad weather
  • Accidents
  • Unexpected opportunities
  • Peak season
  • Opening a new location

Your staff is reliable as a general rule, but even the most reliable employees sometimes have to call out of a shift or two. Unfortunately, it often seems like multiple people call out sick on the same day, leading to staff shortages.

San Antonio doesn’t have a lot of bad weather, but the few instances a year of inclement weather truly pack a punch. You might close during hurricanes, but sometimes you want to get opened before your staff is able to get to your location, and sometimes you need extra help with cleanup.

Accidents can create a serious staff need. You might have some regular workers injured or might need to remake orders, even replenish lost stock. Maybe you just need help cleaning up the effects of the accident, but nobody has the time to do it now.

Not all surprises that need staff are bad, though. You might need extra workers because an ad campaign exceeded your expectations, and you hope to ship more product quickly. Or perhaps you have an offer to run a second, lucrative event the night most of your staff is already committed elsewhere.

Peak season can be responsible for most of your income, which means you have to try hard to fill all your vacancies. Unfortunately, so is everyone else, and sometimes you don’t quite meet your staffing goals.

A similar thing can happen when you’re opening a new location. Sometimes, you might find that you fill all the company positions, but you still need staff for the grand opening events.

Xclusive can help as a temp agency in all these situations. In addition, we can serve as your staffing outsourcing solution. If you have one or more positions that you can’t seem to reliably staff and you’re tired of the drain on your time and other resources, let Xclusive take over. We can help you make sure you have that position filled with a quality employee who can do the job reliably and well.

Xclusive Excellence™ Makes Us a Unique Temp Agency in San Antonio

We strive to take a different approach to staffing than other temp agencies. We have built our approach around our promise of Xclusive Excellence™. This is our commitment to you that we will:

  • Fill your positions quickly
  • Always supply quality staff
  • Handle all legal compliance for our employees
  • Have managers available 24/7

When you seek help from a temp agency, you probably need staff quickly. Xclusive can help you get replacement staff fast, often filling positions within hours.

We identify and hire the best talent in all the industries we staff. We let them know they’re valued, which gives them a sense of professionalism that shows in their attitude and their appearance. They are self-motivated and work hard to exceed all industry standards and all your expectations. We build our employees up so they can elevate your business.

We understand that the modern workplace has numerous complicated legal requirements. Since hiring is our business, we take responsibility for understanding these requirements and complying with them under US, Texas, and San Antonio law. This includes issues of immigration, identification, and insurance.

With the quality staff we supply, there are rarely problems. However, if there are problems, we want to resolve them quickly. That’s why we have managers available 24/7, and you can call them to resolve any issue that you have, including if you need additional or replacement staff.

Want to learn for yourself how our Xclusive Excellence™ can help with your staffing needs? Please call 210-908-7955 to get started with an immediate staffing need, or use our online contact form for more long-term staffing needs.