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Environmental Services

Detailed Training in Cleaning and Sanitation Processes

Although some people might equate Environmental Services professionals to housekeeping or janitorial staff, at Xclusive Services we know that the health care setting takes a different level of service. Xclusive’s EVS technicians go through detailed training in cleaning and sanitation processes to eliminate viruses and bacteria. EVS technicians ensure that patients feel safe during what may be one of their most helpless times. Keeping hospitals and other facilities clean is essential to keep patients satisfied and healthy. Maintaining proper sanitation can even improve patient outcomes.

Our environmental services workers are ready to exceed your expectations for hospital sanitation. We train our staff in an extensive 8 step cleaning process for hospital rooms and restrooms, as well as how to properly dispose of bio bags. We know that every property is different which is why all of our staff must complete on-site training before beginning their work. This allows them to uphold the highest standards of cleanliness no matter where they are.

When You Need Additional Environmental Services Help

Staff shortages can happen anytime but at Xclusive we have noticed three main scenarios that our clients struggle with:

No matter how reliable your staff is, they are still human. There will be days they call off because of sickness, using vacation time or even just to take a day off. In these scenarios, the services of a trusted provider like Xclusive is a perfect solution. While it is always preferable to plan ahead, in a worst-case scenario we can often help fill gaps in your staffing within only a few hours. No other company can match our extensive locally based recruiting networks.

Seasonal help is often necessary for hospitals and health care facilities during the difficult winter months. When more people are getting sick you are left with two options; Either hire extra staff that you may have to lay-off later or work with an outside provider to get the extra cleaning done. Xclusive has the experienced staff ready to assist whether it’s for a week or a month during your time of need.

Completely outsourcing your EVS department is a great solution for clients of our that need a significant amount of help staffing their property. By clearly defining your operating standards we can guarantee you a level of service and sanitation that keeps your facility safe and healthy.

Why Choose Xclusive for Sanitation?

At Xclusive we understand that the job our EVS workers do can literally save lives. Our process for cleaning and sanitation follows two guidelines:

Your staff, visitors and particularly your patients rely you to provide a safe, sanitized environment. Xclusive Services is here to fill that need.

What Makes Us Different

Professionalism and attitude can make all the difference in our work. The Xclusive Excellence™  benchmark ensures that not only are your orders being filled but you will be satisfied every time. With Xclusive you can always get:

Our staff knows that being part of our team at Xclusive Services is something unique. We lift our employees up through our training and a culture of respect. The parts of the recruiting and training process that you never see make all the difference. This difference is reflected in our work every day and we can’t wait to share it with you.

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