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Logistics Staffing & Personnel

Smoothly Functioning Warehouses is Critical

The current global supply chain disruption has made it painfully clear how critical it is to have smoothly functioning warehouses. But it’s also made it harder than ever to predict how much work you’ll have and when you’ll need additional workers. Shipments can be held up for weeks or months, then arrive in a cluster, giving you the sudden need for more staff. With all your customers clamoring for deliveries, you need a reliable solution for logistics staffing, and you need it today.

Let Xclusive Services be your logistics staffing solution. Our highly trained, motivated, and efficient warehouse workers can help you unload, sort, stock, and deliver shipments on demand. When you find yourself with a surprise shortage or need for logistics staffing, we can fill most positions within hours so you can keep to your critical schedules and make your customers happy. Xclusive hires the best talent in logistics, and we respect their skills. We lift them up so they can elevate your business.

Logistics Positions We Fill

Fill Critical Roles

At Xclusive, we can help you fill a wide range of logistics positions. We can help if you need:


Logistics is a complicated process. To make it work requires someone trained in handling all the moving parts with the experience to teach your team the best solutions in each situation. Every organization will benefit from having a logistics coordinator, but not everyone has one. At Xclusive, we have skilled and experienced logistics coordinators who can head up our teams, or work with your warehouse staff.

Lifts are critically important to moving goods through your warehouse. But operating a lift requires good training, and people get better at it with experience. In addition, some people are just more talented lift operators than others. Having a great lift operator can speed your logistics processes tremendously, and that’s why Xclusive works hard to hire and maintain the best lift operators. Our clients love the speed and safety our lift operators bring to their warehouses.

Loading and unloading goods from trucks and pallets is hard, sometimes tedious work that also requires attention. Our loaders and unloaders are dedicated to the work. They have focus and determination, so your goods get where you want them the first time.

Getting goods out of your warehouse is as important as getting them in. Order fulfillment can be complicated, and it’s a critical step in the process. You miss your fulfillment people when they’re gone, and we can help you get someone in to perform the role right away so your shipments keep going out without you taking your time to put the orders together.

Packing your products is critical to getting them warehoused and shipped efficiently and safely. Our packing staff is ready to take on-site training that helps them understand your packing process. That helps them fit seamlessly into your operation.

Stocking is critical to getting merchandise out where customers can buy it. Our stockers can quickly get goods on your shelves, and they’re experienced at assembling items either for floor display or for sale.

Meanwhile, there are a million little jobs to do in the warehouse. It’s important to have workers who are flexible floaters with a can-do attitude to take on any jobs that might come up. We can help you find the perfect jack-of-all-trades to handle any and all jobs in your warehouse.

A warehouse needs to be clean to be safe and efficient. Our janitorial staff can get in and clean the warehouse on a regular schedule and/or be ready to deal with the inevitable spills that happen during loading and unloading.

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How Our Logistics Staffing Can Save You Money

We know that you might think using a logistics staffing company is expensive. However, we can actually save you money. Xclusive works because our clients find our services help them be more profitable. Here’s how we can improve your company’s bottom line.

Fast Recruiting

Replacing lost warehouse workers can take a lot of time. You have to advertise the position, interview candidates, and vet them – or be prepared to pay the consequences (more on this below). While you don’t have workers, your operation slows or stops.

With Xclusive, you can get new workers within hours, so you can keep things moving. This means you’re not paying for a warehouse you’re not using at full capacity, and meanwhile you’re losing your customers’ goodwill. You can avoid penalties for missed deadlines. You make more money by keeping your stock moving than you do by letting it sit.

Quality Workers

There’s always a risk when hiring new logistics workers. They might not have the skills they say they do. They might be bad workers. They might be unreliable.

At Xclusive, recruiting is our business. We know how to identify, hire, and maintain the best logistics workers in the industry, and we can deliver them to your warehouse.

Compliance Is Covered

When you’re hiring your own workers, you might worry that you’re not complying with complex labor laws. You have an operation to run, and even with a dedicated HR person, it can be hard to understand these requirements. But that could expose you to the potential cost of stiff penalties.

Because we are focused on recruiting and hiring, we take the time to understand the law. We make sure all our employees have been properly vetted and comply with all applicable requirements for licensing, certifications, insurance, citizenship, and more.

Safety Saves Money

Accidents are expensive. You can lose merchandise, damage equipment, and lose time. In addition, you might put workers out of commission, and have to pay compensation for their injuries, directly and/or through workers’ compensation. Plus, you might face penalties for unsafe working conditions.

At Xclusive, all our employees receive safety training at our local office. They come into your operation with a safety mindset, and they can help you avoid accidents at your facility.

Workers’ Compensation

Because warehouses and other logistics operations are inherently dangerous, workers’ compensation rates can be high. We can handle this expense for you, covering our workers through our policies. This is included in the cost and makes our logistics staffing a good value.

Let Xclusive Elevate Your Business

At Xclusive, we utilize our unique Xclusive Excellence™ approach to identifying and hiring talent. We recognize that logistics workers can be highly skilled individuals that bring specific talents to the job. These talents make them worth investing in. This gives our employees pride in themselves and pride in their work. They show this pride in their professional attitude and professional appearance. It helps them to be self-motivated and productive workers. We lift our employees up so they can elevate your business.

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