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Convention Center Staffing

Memorable Events

People come to your convention center for memorable events, business conferences and industry expos. Whether they are looking for new products or services to offer in their business, checking out the competition, or even just browsing classic cars at the annual auto expo, every guest who walks in should feel like a VIP. We know that these events are typically hosted once a year and a poor experience can easily lead to losing the show for the next year. This is why it’s more important than ever to avoid negative experiences like spills that don’t get cleaned up or unsanitary bathrooms. When you put on a major event you need to make sure that the guests and your clients get the experience they paid for.

With thousands of guests coordinating travel, lodging and business for your event we know that postponing an event because of organizing difficulties is never an option. Whether its late call-offs because of a virus or consistent staffing shortages the show must go on. Xclusive Services is the trusted partner to make your event a success. While we always plan ahead in order to deliver the service you expect, when last-minute challenges occur we are the trusted partner who can pull off a miracle. And you can rest assured that when our team members show up to your property they are more than just warm-bodies. We pride ourself on exceeding your standards and utilize our extensive local networks to bring you the trained, reliable and professional staff to create memorable experiences.

Positions We Staff

Unlike many staffing providers, we pride ourselves on full-service solutions. We can provide a full range of staff for your event including:

Our staff will be there for you from the days leading up to the event to a deep-clean when it is all done. Most importantly, we will provide the employees needed to help your event run smoothly and address issues that occur before your clients even realize they happened. Our solutions for your convention center are custom designed for each event. We are pleased to grease the wheels so that your guests and clients can enjoy what they paid for.

We’re Here When You Need Us

Under the best of circumstances, event staffing is a monster undertaking. When you are welcoming tens of thousands of guests into your facility the challenge is multiplied. It is only natural to need outside assistance for huge events. Whether its because of:

Xclusive Services is the trusted partner to call. Perhaps most commonly, event sizes can change drastically in the days leading up to it. While it may be difficult to scale to meet these demands, a dependable service should be able to help you overcome the challenges of training and staffing your event. Yearly events are the lifeblood of convention centers and we know failure to provide a top-notch experience is never an option. In worst case scenarios, Xclusive can even help in a matter of hours.

Janitorial Services for Convention Centers

Probably more than any other facility, convention centers know the challenge of cleaning hundreds of thousands of square feet. Whether its keeping the front of the house spic and span for the upcoming event, cleaning the bathrooms and floors during the convention or maintaining sanitation in kitchens and the back of the house, the undertakings are extreme.

Xclusive understands that the needs of Convention Centers are unique to your property. We begin each relationship with multiple walk-throughs to facilitate training and become a true partners. We seek to become the trusted affiliate that you can depend on for every day needs, peak season services during shows and last minute emergencies.

Cooks/Culinary Services

An excellent meal for your guests can be the cherry on top of an incredible convention. Your guests expect to receive a hot personalized meal even when you are serving thousands at a time. Cooks, however may get overlooked when you are planning for your event. This is not a problem when you have a trusted partner.

Don’t let the myriad of other convention activities make you overlook what can be a defining moment of your guest experience. Our cooks are trained in all facets of food preparation and can even organize an entire meal if you desire.