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Meet Your Benchmarks

The importance of a competent packing and assembly line operation can’t be underrated. Line errors, disorganization or untrained staff are a waste of money, time and effort. At Xclusive Services, we prepare our workers before they ever step onto your property. Through on-site training, our staff learns the exact nature of your packaging operation so they can meet your benchmarks. Whether you utilize automated packaging or manual packaging, we are here to provide you with reliable and professional employees so that your packaging lines run as efficiently as possible.

Although packers typically require no formal education or certifications, we know that packing is demanding physical work that requires the right employees. Xclusive’s vetting process includes considerations for the actual specifications of your job site. Once we have recruited the correct employee, our on-site supervisor will assist with additional training, including safety and quality targets. Employer’s benefit not only from Xclusive’s national reach and recruiting but also our locally based team for training, supervision and responsiveness.

Xclusive Is Your Full-Service Warehouse Staffing Solution

At Xclusive Services, you can count on solving all your warehouse staffing needs with one company. Among the positions we can fill are:

Moving merchandise out of the warehouse is perhaps the most important part of the order fulfillment process. This crucial step can be the difference between a delighted customer and an angry one. Staffing shortages cannot be allowed to disrupt the production flow. The reliable order fulfillment professionals at Xclusive are always available to keep your production moving.

There’s nothing worse than excitedly opening a package only to realize its arrived damaged. The professional staff at Xclusive are ready and willing to follow your direction and secure items for a safe delivery. Whatever your packing method may be we will train our staff to process packages by your specific manner.

Keeping your warehouse structured and organized is essential to the efficiency of your entire warehouse. Proper stocking will ensure that you have no issues with missing products. Our stockers can assemble items and swiftly get them onto your shelves.

The experience of our team will never be more important than when you’re in need of a logistics coordinator. At Xclusive, we have skilled logistics coordinators who have extensive industry experience. Whether you’re looking for someone to lead the team or become a trusted partner, our coordinators can get the job done.

To efficiently move goods through the warehouse an efficient lift operator is crucial. Whether you need an experienced operator or want to train somebody to your standards, Xclusive can supply the right employee for the job.

Loading and unloading goods from trucks and pallets is hard, sometimes tedious work that also requires attention. Our loaders and unloaders are dedicated to the work. They have focus and determination, so your goods get where you want them the first time.

We know that it’s not only defined jobs that need attention. It always helps to have an extra pair of hands around for general labor. No matter what tasks come up our employees are willing and able to assist.

Why Choose Xclusive

We know that you have many choices for packing workers. Xclusive is proud to offer:

No matter what warehouse job you need filled we are available to assist with a multitude of tasks:

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