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Your Clients See the Difference

Each day you work to uphold your brand benchmarks. From timely service at guest check-ins to tidy beds and sparkling bathrooms, you focus on all the little minutiae that make the difference – and your clients see the difference. First impressions are made which influence future purchases and stays. Reviews are written and recommendations are made to friends. Your success depends upon your dedicated staff putting in the effort day in and day out. At Xclusive, we understand the importance of Housekeeping and train our staff to notice every little detail that your guest will care about.

We are the leading provider of room attendants to the hospitality industry in markets across the nation. Our skilled housekeeping staff cleans thousands of rooms daily in luxury resorts, timeshares, and hotels. While we pride ourselves in having the size and resources to serve the largest properties across the country, we are also partners with hospitality providers of all sizes. Our local offices, recruiting team and on-site managers make the difference every day in living up to your brand and property standards!

Full-Service Solution

Critical Positions

One of the most critical positions that needs hotel staffing support is housekeeping. You always need to be able to keep rooms turning over at a steady pace. But you can’t rush the process: it must be done right.

That’s where our housekeeping staff can help. Our experienced housekeeping staff will improve your room scores with their talented and meticulous approach. They always wear name tags and adhere to your uniform requirements – whether you can provide uniforms or not.

Plus, we can provide all the staff you need:

  • Room Attendants
  • Laundry Attendants
  • Housekeeping Houseman
  • Guest Services
  • Housekeeping Supervisors

Your room attendants need to understand not only basic cleaning but how to adhere to brand standards. Our intensive training both at our local office and on property will ensure guests receive a uniform experience and excellent stay.

Laundry Attendants are crucial to the operation of your department. From maintaining linens and ensuring your room attendants are waiting around, efficiency is the key to avoiding overtime for your room attendants.

Similarly, your room attendants depend on housekeeping houseman to do their job quickly. Without the proper supplies, room attendants will be unable to complete their boards on-time. Xclusive hires the most dedicated houseman who don’t mind being on their feet 8 hours a day.

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How we can help

With Xclusive, you will never receive a one size fits all solution to your staffing. Among the reasons clients ask for our help are:

When occupancy rates increase unexpectedly or even just for a large event, it likely doesn’t make sense to hire your own staff. Xclusive is always available to supplement your staff for a few days or more when needed.


Turnkey Solution

Even seasonal trends in occupancy can be difficult to handle. When every hotel in the city is hiring it may be more difficult to get the staff you need. Let us step in and bring you the most qualified candidates to help you.

For the most turnkey solution consider letting us outsource your entire department. With Xclusive Services in charge you can focus on the profit centers of your property instead of the day to day operations.

Why Choose Xclusive Services

At Xclusive Services, we live and breathe housekeeping. Our local recruiting networks are able to find the staff you need more quickly than any other company. And when we send staff you, you can be sure it’s the people you’ve been looking for. Our properties are regularly honored and ranked among the top of their peer groups – and we are proud to be partners in achieving excellence.

When you hire Xclusive you can expect:

For us, Xclusive Excellence™ is more than just a saying – it’s the way we do business.

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