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Banquet Set-Up

Beautiful Events

When your guests walk into a beautiful ballroom event, they are focused on the decorations, the staging and finding their seats. The last thing on their mind is the staff that puts it all together. Without them banquets would not be possible and your guests would be underwhelmed. At Xclusive Services, we know some of the most essential jobs are the behind the scenes work that put your event together. That’s why we offer the most highly trained staff to make your event a success.

Our Banquet Set-Up staff are focused on executing your vision for the event exactly the way you imagined it. Centerpieces, tablecloths, dishes, will all be arranged to maximize the first impression and deliver a memorable occasion. When you work with Xclusive, you always have the right staff on hand to deliver the best event you can envision.

Who Hires Our Banquet Set-Up Staff

Banquets are some of the most impactful events hosted by many of our partners. We are experienced assisting all types of venues with these occasions:

While many of these facilities retain in-house staff to assist with these events, the sporadic nature of the work and event schedules can make it difficult to succeed without outside help. Whether it’s because of eleventh hour call-offs, unusually large or off-season events, or even last-minute events, Xclusive Staffing is ready to assist.

Our decades of work in hotels have prepared us to host all kinds of banquet events with varying requirements. While each event is unique, we are exceptionally prepared to cater to your needs because we’ve probably done it before.

Convention centers in particular rely on Xclusive Services for our highly trained staff and ability to come through every time. They know that there is often only one chance to make an impression that will bring business again for next year’s event.

How Much Help Do You Need?

Our approach to your events is always customized to your needs. With Xclusive you can request:

If you find yourself in a last-minute jam or just needing a few extra hands, our staff is available. By planning ahead we can ensure you get the strongest, most capable staff for table set-up and arranging an entire banquet hall.

We are also adept at supervising and managing an entire team of Banquet Servers for your event. Our Captains and Servers host hundreds of events at multiple properties each year and are pleased to bring our expertise to you.

Why Choose Xclusive for Your Banquet

Professionalism, attitude and training aren’t just buzz words for us. They are the mantras we live by. Our Xclusive Excellence™  standard isn’t just the way we do business. Its also the industry standard. As the industry leader in providing supplemental staff and even running entire banquet events, we understand it takes the right people and preparation it takes to make an event successful.

At Xclusive, we take a different approach to providing your staff. We lift our people up by hiring, training, and cultivating the best talent. Our local networks of recruiters work in the communities you do and know the best ways to find the staff we need. Because we are constantly busy, in many cases they already work for us. We know that your property isn’t always busy. Because we are, in many cases we can provide additional staff within hours of your request when necessary.

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