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Banquet Servers & Staffing

Special Events

When you’re hosting a special event, you want to make sure things are perfect. After all, many of these events, such as weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and retirement parties can be once-in-a-lifetime moments. People will be looking back at the event for years to come, and you want them to remember the joy of it, not the poor service. Other times, the event is a professional occasion for a corporate launch or charity event, and the reputation and profitability of the event depends on great service.

When you need quality staff to make a banquet a success, Xclusive Services is here to help. We hire, cultivate and train the best talent in banquet servers. Our servers know how to disappear into the background as necessary, but be prompt, attentive, friendly and efficient on demand. They maintain a professional appearance and a professional attitude to ensure your event goes wonderfully.

We Offer All the Staff to Make Your Banquet a Success

Run a Successful Banquet

If you are looking for the staff necessary to run a successful banquet, we can meet all your needs. We can provide:

The moment guests arrive at a banquet should be truly special. Ideally, your guests should smile or even gasp with joy when they see your venue prepared for the event.

Our banquet set-up personnel know how to quickly and efficiently take the components you’ve assembled and put them exactly where you want them. Items like tablecloths, dishes, flowers, favors, centerpieces, and more should all be put into the places that make them all come together into the beautiful vision you worked out.

Banquet servers have a difficult job of serving a huge crowd efficiently and quickly without disrupting the banquet’s events like speeches, awards presentations, even dancing or performances. Our banquet servers know how to do this, adeptly bringing out food and drink while disappearing into the background. But they also know how to be friendly and attentive to guests who have special requests or encounter problems.

If you have a banquet captain, our setup staff and servers can work under them, but we can also provide a banquet captain to supervise and direct the rest of our staff. Our highly experienced captains know how to work with venue personnel, chefs and you to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

In addition, we can provide additional:

These additional staffing services can be invaluable if the caterer or venue does not have enough to handle the event.

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Who Hires Our Banquet Servers

Banquets are special events, and almost by definition they are all unique. This means that we’ve been approached by many different types of people about hiring banquet servers. This includes:

Although stadiums, event centers, and convention centers often maintain their own staff to handle events like banquets, they aren’t always ready to handle every event. Some events are too large or the timing is too tight for them to ready the staff they need. Instead, they look for a hospitality staffing company they can trust.

We have long and ongoing relationships with most major hotel chains. We regularly provide them with a wide range of professionals, including housekeepers, janitors, and cooks. When it comes time to staff a banquet, ours is the top number in their contacts list.

For caterers, banquets are a standard part of their trade, but it isn’t always possible to handle an event with their own staff. If they end up with too many events on the same day or if they have call-offs, they need to find a hospitality staffing company they can trust, and that company is often Xclusive.

Restaurant staff is used to handling the day-to-day operations in the restaurant. They may not have the skills and demeanor to take on the role of a banquet server, so restaurants often reach out to us for support when they host a banquet. We can even supply them additional cooks if necessary.

Other times, banquet organizers reach out to us directly. They know they can sometimes get more reliable, professional and affordable banquet servers if they work with us directly and separately from hiring the venue and catering.

When You Need Additional Banquet Servers

Having Enough Banquet Servers is Critical

Having enough banquet servers is critical to pulling off a great banquet. You have probably planned on having enough servers for your event, but sometimes circumstances change. You might suddenly find you need additional banquet servers because:

  • Expanded guest list
  • Larger venue
  • You want to book a second event for the same day or time
  • Call-offs

Ideally, an event should be well-planned and the details set far in advance, but sometimes an organizer might want to change details of the event at the last minute. You might have to deal with more guests and/or a larger venue. You might choose to go ahead with the changes to maintain client goodwill – and because they’re paying extra – but additional staff is essential to making the event a success.

Other times, you get a great opportunity for a second event on the same day that will be highly profitable. However, your own staff won’t be able to handle both events, so you need additional resources to pull it off.

And, of course, sometimes your staff will simply call-off. Then you need replacements at a short notice.

No matter the situation, Xclusive can supply the banquet servers you need and more. We can fill most staffing needs in a matter of hours.

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Why Choose Xclusive for Your Banquet

The right attitude and the right appearance can make all the difference for banquet personnel. With our Xclusive Excellence™ standard for staffing, you can count on receiving the exceptional quality necessary for your event to be a success.

Our banquet servers, setup and captains all come to your event with the right attitude. They are there to serve, bringing joy to all the attendees through the quality of their service. They also come with the right appearance: professional and clean. They can wear uniforms you provide, or we can provide them with uniforms ourselves.

At Xclusive, we take a different approach to providing banquet servers. We strive to lift up our people by hiring, training, and cultivating the best talent in banquet servers. We value our people, and they in turn value the work they do. They approach the work with motivation, energy, and positivity. Their goal is to make your banquet a success. Because we lift them up, they can elevate your event.

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