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Stadiums/Event Center Staffing

Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences

People come to your stadium for big-ticket, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. There can be nothing like the thrill of seeing an epic concert or a nail-biting, come-from-behind victory for the home team. Or perhaps they rent your event center for their own major events, like a wedding, major anniversary, or special birthday. People will never forgive you if their experience was ruined because they were stuck in a concession line during the big play, or if a gross mess led to a bad experience at their reception. When you put on a major event, you need to have the staff to make sure everything goes smoothly and the crowd can enjoy the experience they paid for.

In addition, the event must go on at the date and time planned. You can’t postpone just because half your staff called in sick. You need an event staffing solution that gives you the skilled staff you need tonight. Xclusive Services strives to be unique among event staffing companies. We can meet your event staffing needs in a matter of hours thanks to our well-developed local networks. Plus, we provide you with people who will exceed all industry standards – and your expectations. We lift our people up so they can elevate your business.

We’re Here When You Need Us

Event staffing can be difficult to manage. It’s hard to have the right staff available to handle the wide range of events held at your center. Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where your staff is not capable of dealing with an event. This might be because of:

Usually, you have a good sense of how many people to expect for an event, but sometimes attendance can swell unexpectedly from original projections. In these cases, you need to be able to provide services to the additional people so that the event goes forward without problems. This will help your venue keep booking these lucrative events in the future.

Your regular staff is flexible and capable of dealing with most of the events you hold at your venue. However, sometimes you need a different type of staff for a special event. For example, a menu change at concessions might be outside the skills of your normal cooks.

Unexpected conditions like snow, rain, and more can leave you struggling to get your venue ready for gate time. We can provide you with the snow-removal crew or cleaning staff you need to ensure everything is ready when guests arrive.

Of course, your regular staff is only human, and they sometimes get sick. On a normal day, you can cover the event staffing shortage, but some days you have too many people call in sick and you need additional support. That’s where Xclusive stands apart from other event staffing companies: we can supply your staffing shortfall, and in many cases our extensive local network means that we can fill your staffing needs in a matter of hours.

Concessions Staff for Quick, Efficient Sales

Concessions are a major part of your stadium’s revenue stream. People love the special foods that help define the event, but they can get frustrated if your event staffing shortfall leads to slow operation and long lines. This can lead to reduced sales not only on this day, but in the future.

Our concessions staff can seamlessly fit into your operation. We can either plug holes in your teams or provide complete teams that include line level staff and supervisors.


Janitorial demands for your stadium or event center are huge. Failure to maintain clean conditions can lead to an unpleasant experience for your guests. It can also increase the risk of accidents, and, over time, it can damage your venue and affect your ability to book events and draw crowds in the future.

Xclusive strives to do more than other event staffing companies. We don’t supply janitorial staff that just does the minimum. Our janitorial staff strives to exceed all standards, and even exceed your expectations. All our staff comes fully trained and compliant to all legal standards, with on-site training to ensure they can promote the reputation of your venue as a clean place to go.


Food helps make special events memorable and enjoyable. If you don’t have enough cooks or don’t have enough skilled cooks to provide for demand, people will notice. Whether your concession lines get too long, food comes out not tasting as it should, or serving times are delayed, a cook shortage can dramatically impact your guests’ experiences.

Xclusive can provide you with the cooks you need, and at the high skill level you demand. They come ready to cook on the equipment you have, and they can learn your signature recipes quickly and execute them accurately.

We Lift Our People Up to Elevate Your Business

Your stadium or event center has a reputation to uphold. You want to keep being known as the place to hold a concert, see a game, or hold a wedding. To do this, you need to ensure that your staff meets the highest standards. While some event staffing companies might not appreciate how much this matters to you, we’ve seen firsthand the difference that highly trained, experienced, and quality staffing makes to your operations.

At Xclusive, we want to provide you with staff that meets or exceeds all standards and expectations. We achieve this with our Xclusive Excellence™ approach, which lifts our people up. We recognize their talent and encourage their commitment. They respond by being highly motivated and dedicated to each assignment. They show pride in their uniform and wear their nametag, and they bring a good attitude to all interactions with your patrons.


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