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Xclusive Excellence™

When we founded Xclusive Services in 2002, we knew we wanted to create a staffing agency that was different from those we had dealt with as hotel executives.  Our vision and expansion has led us to provide outsourced services that lead the industry. We established a vision of what would ultimately become our Xclusive Excellence™ commitment to our clients and our employees.

Our Xclusive Excellence™ is founded on three key values:

And it results in a core promise we make to each of our clients that we will uphold for you.

We Lift Our People Up

People are the foundation of every business, especially a staffing and outsourced services agency. We know that it’s important to treat our people well. We make sure our people are well-matched to the jobs we give them so you and they can be satisfied with their work. We show respect for our employees in part by providing them good compensation. The respect we show them establishes a firm foundation for the respect they show you and your business.

To Elevate Your Business

Progress is our goal, not just for Xclusive Services, but for all our clients. We design custom services and staffing solutions suited to your specific needs. Our powerful local network lets us recruit the people who are right for your business, matching not just skills but attitude and personality. When our staff shows up at your business, they will work hard not just to do their job, but to help accomplish your company’s mission.

And Transform Our Industry

Bad experiences with staffing agencies drove us to found Xclusive Services. We work to ensure none of our clients will ever have any of these bad experiences. However, we hope that, eventually, no one will ever get that treatment from service providers in our industry. We innovate constantly to improve our ability to serve our clients, and our success has led to many imitators among staffing agencies. We know that they will never catch us or exceed the value we offer, but we are proud to be leading the staffing industry to provide better service and better conditions for clients and employees alike.

Our Xclusive Excellence™ Promise

How do the above values translate into practical terms of what you can expect from Xclusive?

The four concrete elements of our Xclusive Excellence™ promise mean we:

When you have an urgent need for staff, we will do our utmost to supply that need as quickly as possible. Fortunately, we can supply staff for most positions in a matter of hours.

However, we don’t sacrifice quality just to put warm bodies at your workplace. We utilize our extensive local network to attract, hire, and retain talented people in all the industries we supply. We ensure these people have the skills necessary to not just do the job, but to elevate your business with their work and their attitude.

We understand that legal compliance can be complicated, with a mass of local, state, and federal laws to consider. That’s why we make sure to handle all relevant compliance issues for all the staff we supply. This means that all our employees will be insured, including having workers’ compensation, health insurance, and general liability insurance. We also take care of all identification and immigration issues prior to hiring.

With the great attitude and high skills of our staff, problems are rare. But we want to make sure we handle them when they do occur. That’s why we have managers available 24/7 to handle any issues you may have. Our managers are equipped with smartphones so you can not only contact them, but they can respond to your needs on the go, any time, day or night.

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