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Specialty Floor Care

A clean floor is the first impression you can never get back. With our expertise and periodic maintenance, you’ll get the response you are hoping for. Whether your specialty floor is marble, or concrete, we have the equipment –and knowledge—to make your business shine.

From the ground up, we will help you protect your facility and put your best foot forward. We know the look of your floors make a statement to your customers and staff. We will provide you with quality products and workmanship. Our priority is not only to make your floors sparkle but to maintain them for years to come.  Of course, we consistently work with most common flooring surfaces such as linoleum, sheet vinyl and ceramic tiles.  No matter your business needs you can trust the team at Xclusive Services.

How Can Xclusive Services Help?

Carpet Cleaning

Just vacuuming is the bare minimum you can do for your facility. With our detailed carpet cleaning process, we work to get deep down in the fibers of the carpet to deliver a level of cleanliness that is unprecedented. One of the ways we manage to get your carpeted areas so clean is through the use of our hot water extraction method. The specialized cleaning agents combine with the high-pressure hot water to effectively lift any soil from the carpet and then have it sucked up by a strong vacuum.

Wax Restoration Service

Whether your facility has linoleum, acrylic, VCT or other similar flooring, we can strip and replace it to make your floors look new. By removing the previous coating we can give your floors a fresh shine that they may not have had even when freshly installed.

Buffing Services

After years of use, completion of a renovation, or accidental damage, your flooring is likely going to have some scratches and other debris negatively impacting it. But after doing our high-speed buffering service, all of these issues will be removed, leaving the floor looking flawless.

Grout and Tile Cleaning

Your bathrooms are some of the areas most noticed by your guests. Our grout and tile cleaning can keep your bathrooms looking like new and keep your guests coming back time and time again.

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