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Janitorial Staffing

Best Talent in Janitorial Services

In many industries, the cleanliness of your building can make a big difference to your bottom line. In a hotel, people can be put off by dirty common areas or by the state of their room. Dirty areas in a hospital can make people doubt the safety and effectiveness of treatment. If a restaurant isn’t clean, people can lose their appetite in the middle of a meal. Unfortunately, janitorial staffing can be hard. It’s challenging to find, hire, and retain quality janitorial staff.

This is where Xclusive Services can help. We seek out some of the best talent in janitorial services. We recognize and value this talent. Our Xclusive Excellence™ approach means that we lift our people up, which helps them bring motivation and initiative to their work so that you can enjoy industry-beating cleanliness at your location. This will help you establish and maintain a reputation for cleanliness that will serve your business well.

Janitorial Services We Provide

At Xclusive, we provide a full range of janitorial services, including:

Janitors are the workhorses of keeping your location clean. They will clean common areas, restrooms, and more. They will clean all aspects of the place. This might include cleaning the floor, whether it’s a hard floor, rug, or carpet. They can vacuum, power wash, and even strip and wax the floor, depending on your needs. They make sure all public areas look like new. This includes some hard-to-clean locations like public restrooms and gyms.

Housekeepers focus mostly on preparing and cleaning hotel rooms. They are good at turning the room over quickly so that it is clean for each new guest.

Environmental services usually refer to someone who cleans areas but also has additional training in dealing with some forms of specialized waste. This might be bio waste at a hospital, or it could be hazardous chemicals anywhere.

Stewards focus mostly on cleaning kitchens. This includes dishwashing, but it also means keeping all the food preparation areas absolutely spotless. They have to work in tandem with other kitchen staff to make sure that cleaning the kitchen doesn’t interfere with cooking and serving.

Who Requests Our Janitorial Staffing?

Who Requests Our Janitorial Staffing?

Xclusive can supply janitorial services to anyone in need, but the industries that typically request and appreciate our expertise include:

For a hotel, looking, feeling, and smelling clean can make a big difference in your revenue. No one wants to pay a lot to stay at a dirty hotel. Once a hotel gets a reputation for being dirty, it can be hard to maintain occupancy at the room rates you want to charge. Instead, people will seek out a newer or renovated hotel that has a cleaner reputation.

For hospitals, keeping clean can literally be a matter of life and death. Or, at least, compliance with regulatory standards. You need a janitorial staff that is dedicated to meeting or exceeding industry standards. In addition, people will seek out hospitals with a reputation for cleanliness and avoid those they have heard or seen to be dirty.

Convention centers, stadiums, and event centers are selling an experience. This might be an influential trade show, an epic concert, or a once-in-a-lifetime event like a wedding. In order to enjoy this experience, people can’t be distracted by a dirty environment. If they get a sense that the venue is dirty, that will encourage them to avoid events at the venue or discourage people from holding events there.

Colleges have a high demand for good janitorial services. The young adults on campus may be inconsiderate about maintaining the facilities, and there are many of them. They do everything on campus: eating, partying, and studying – all of which create janitorial challenges. Despite this, a college has to present itself as a clean institute of learning.

Airports have a tremendous burden to deal with in terms of the crush of people they serve. Tens of thousands of people use an airport each year. Often, they will use the restroom and get something to eat and/or drink, but they may be in too much of a rush to care about maintaining cleanliness. Yet each of them expects the airport to be as clean as new.

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How Much Janitorial Staffing Do You Need?

Xclusive offers a flexible approach to janitorial staffing. When you work with Xclusive, you can hire:

If you find yourself with an unexpected need for janitors, you can hire the replacements that you need. This can be line-level janitors or janitorial supervisors. It could even be an entire team of janitors.

We can hire janitors out on a temporary basis, and we can usually fill the position within a few hours.

Additionally, we can help if you are looking to outsource your janitorial services on a long-term basis. Our team can handle all aspects of janitorial work for your location, meeting or exceeding the cleanliness standards for your industry as well as your expectations and the expectations of your facility.

Why Choose Xclusive for Your Janitorial Needs

When you hire a janitorial staff, you want to make sure they will keep your location clean up to your standards. At Xclusive, all our janitorial staff are trained in our exclusive 8-step process to ensure they meet or exceed the cleanliness standards in your industry. When necessary, we can ensure cleaning staff is trained to handle bio waste and/or hazardous chemicals.

Our Xclusive Excellence™ program depends on lifting people up. We recognize, hire, and train the best talent in janitorial services. This gives them pride in their work that translates into pride in their appearance, too. They will always show up professionally dressed, either in a uniform you provide or one we establish, and they will wear a name tag. By lifting up our people, we give them the power to elevate your business to new heights of cleanliness.

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