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Hospital Staffing

Staffing Solutions for Hospitals

Your hospital and its patients depend on the doctors and nurses who provide quality healthcare. These doctors and nurses depend on a small army of support staff to handle the details they take for granted, like clean rooms that are always ready for exams and treatments. If your hospital staffing has fallen short and you can’t ensure clean rooms, restrooms, and even corridors, your quality of care could suffer. Patients and their families will also notice if you can’t provide food on a reasonable schedule.

If you have hospital staffing needs, Xclusive Services is here to help. We can ensure your hospital always has the staff it needs to keep serving patients and visitors. We provide highly trained professionals in janitorial and food service areas to make sure your hospital is always running in tip-top condition. Our staff is trained in the hospital environment, and they will live up to all professional standards. We follow strict compliance guidelines to make sure all our staff meets local and national requirements, and we can fill most hospital staffing requirements within hours.

Staff We Can Supply for You

Xclusive focuses on support staff for your hospital, including:

All our staff are trained specifically for working in a hospital environment, with safety training provided at our office. However, on-site training ensures they are prepared for your specific hospital.

In Addition

In addition, we can provide employees at the:

  • Line level
  • Supervisor level

This helps us fill any vacancies you might be facing. In addition, we can supply an entire team that works as its own unit, or we can supply individuals who will plug holes in your teams.

When We Can Help

Xclusive is the perfect solution anytime you find yourself with a temporary shortfall. This might include:

With COVID-19, we have all witnessed how hospitals can be overwhelmed in health emergency situations. These situations are not only hard on doctors and nurses, but they can also be wearing on your support staff.

At times of high occupancy, your normal staff can struggle to keep up with the turnover in rooms. Not only that, but with more people in your corridors and waiting rooms, trash cans must be emptied more frequently, and there are likely to be more spills and dirt to clean. Plus, people will be ordering more food and needing more services.

Extended periods of high-occupancy can lead to staff burnout and illness. This can leave you short-handed at the times when you need your support staff the most.

When you open a new facility, it’s especially critical that you make sure everything looks clean and bright for new patients. Unfortunately, it can be hard to fill some of these positions in time for opening.

Xclusive has extensive experience with hospital staffing in all these situations and more. We can provide you with the support staff your doctors and nurses need to get their job done efficiently and effectively.

Janitorial Staffing for Hospitals

Perhaps more than any place, a hospital depends on its janitorial staff to create a clean environment that helps people get and stay healthy without exposure to incidental infections.

Xclusive understands your different needs. That’s why our janitorial staff is trained in our thorough, 8-step cleaning process for discharges and daily room cleaning. They are also trained in handling bio waste and hazardous chemicals.

Environmental Services for Hospitals

Beyond the general janitorial work, your hospital needs many people who can provide the detailed cleaning and preparation work for patient rooms and other treatment and care areas. To ensure they can handle this, we train all our environmental services staff in our exclusive 8-step cleaning process. In addition, we train them to handle bio-bags, sharps, hazardous chemicals, and other potential hazards.

At Xclusive, we provide extensive training for our staff at our office, and they have required on-site training at your hospital. This ensures that they are both ready to work on their first day, and ready to perform at the high level of expertise you demand of all your staff.


Food is fuel for healing. Your hospital patients need to get the nutritious and tasty meals they order in a reasonable time frame. However, cooks may not be top of mind when you’re making hiring and staffing decisions. This can leave you with a cook shortage just when demand is highest.

Don’t let this keep you from giving patients and their families a better experience. Xclusive can make sure your kitchen has all the cooks it needs to supply the constant demand for nutritious, healthy food. All our cooks are trained in the best sanitation practices to make sure the food and food preparation areas are all safe.

Expo Workers

Your hospital’s kitchen is a complicated place. It takes more than cooks to get dishes ready to go to patient rooms. This is where expo workers come in, putting trays together. Expo workers make sure every patient’s tray includes all that they need to achieve their best outcomes after treatment.

At Xclusive, we select and train expo workers to have an intuitive sense of all the details that go into making a successful patient tray. In addition, they are detail-oriented individuals who strive to get each tray perfect.

Hospital Staffing Like No Other

At Xclusive, we work hard to become the leading hospital staffing service in the country. We do this in part by the way we lift up our employees. As the only Xclusive Excellence™ provider in the United States, we recognize their skills, encourage their talents, and empower their dreams. This gives them pride in their jobs. You can see this pride in the way they present a professional appearance in uniforms we provide or that you supply.

Being comfortable and confident in their jobs also makes it easier for them to be giving and kind to people in the hospital. People in the hospital are often tired, stressed, or sad, and a kind word can make all the difference in their day. We make sure all our staff are ready to help in this way. We lift our people up so they can elevate your business.

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