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Cleaning Projects and Sanitation

In today’s world, safety and sanitation are top of mind. Covid-19 outbreaks and subsequent quarantining can wreak havoc on your facility causing you to be short-staffed. For your staff, proper sanitation can prevent illness and outbreaks. Xclusive Services is committed to a high level of professionalism in the execution of deep cleaning and sanitation projects. Don’t hesitate to contact us today so we can create a custom plan to keep you safe.

Who Hires Xclusive for Cleaning Projects and Sanitation

Cleaning and sanitation are universally important for all kinds of facilities. Xclusive regularly does deep cleaning and sanitation projects at:

· Hotels

· Convention Centers

· Stadiums/Event Centers

· Hospitals

· Schools K-12

· Retirement Communities

· Universities

· Pharmacies

Hotels are acutely aware of the importance of cleaning. After all, a dirty hotel room is the quickest way to get a negative review. But beyond daily housekeeping service, Deep cleaning and sanitation should not be overlooked. Every housekeeping manager know the importance of keeping room scores high and periodic deep cleans are an important tool to ensure that the results are what you’re expecting. Additionally, keeping surfaces sanitized when they are used by different people every day can stop the spread of infectious diseases. This is equally important for keeping your guests and staff healthy.

Convention centers are particularly important facilities to consider sanitation. With thousands of guests coming together in close contact for hours at a time a lack of sanitation could be the start of a Covid-19 outbreak. While other measures including adequate ventilation should be used, the importance of sanitizing high touch surfaces such as doorknobs, bathrooms and tables cannot be overlooked. As a best practice, Xclusive suggests deep cleaning after each show.

Stadiums often host even larger events than convention centers exemplifying the need for sanitation measures. Focusing on indoor areas is particularly important as UV light can kill many bacteria and viruses outside. Xclusive can customize a plan for your stadium depending on event schedules to keep your staff and facility clean and healthy.

The stakes of appropriate sanitation are perhaps highest at hospitals. Environmental Services are a necessity. Xclusive always puts health and safety first just like you. We are pleased to be trusted by numerous facilities to prevent infectious diseases.

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How Often Should You Sanitize?

According to the CDC, in the age of Covid-19 sanitation should be done daily even if there is no known exposure from a positive person. For high traffic facilities and areas, the frequency is recommended to be multiple times per day. Because each facility is unique, Xclusive Services can help you develop and implement a plan to sanitize and deep clean your facility at a frequency that makes sense for you. Once your plan has been developed, you can count on the reliable, professional staff at Xclusive to implement the proper procedures and use the proper chemicals to keep your facility clean and safe.

Why Choose Xclusive for Sanitation?

We go far beyond the typical duties of a janitorial service or housekeeper. Our philosophy for these projects encompasses two main facets:

1. We emphasize the use of hospital grade disinfectants to kill germs and neutralize odors. Cleaning agents are used to remove dirt, dust, stains and odors on surfaces and materials. Our professional chemicals aim to sustain health, increase beauty, remove odors, and to avoid the spread of dirt and contaminants to yourself and to others. Some cleaning agents can clean and simultaneously kill bacteria and viruses.

2. The scope of our work encompasses a one-stop-shop solution to your sanitation needs. We partner in our clients’ infection control protocols by way of industry leading sanitation procedures and a focus on proper surface disinfection. We know that each surface and each project requires the right tools for the job and our specialized team makes sure it’s done right every time.

Your patients, patrons, students and the public trust you to provide a clean and safe environment. Xclusive Services’ trained staff is here to provide a benchmark, industry service to convert that trust to reality.