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Food and Beverage

Exceptional Experience at Every Event

In hospitality, we know that food and beverage are not only the heart of your operation, but also the main profit center. In today’s industry with less food and beverage spending, nothing can be taken for granted. Clients expect an exceptional experience at every event and expect that their event should be your top priority. Amid these heightened expectations, competition for US consumer and business dollars dictates that businesses operate fully staffed to provide the best experience. Staff shortages entail the real risk of poor customer service and losing out to the competition for future events.

If a property can’t attract, hire and retain employees then producing top-notch, memorable events becomes a near impossibility – and they will be hard pressed to survive even in the short term. Even without labor issues, this industry is notoriously difficult to succeed in. Xclusive Services can take this pressure off your plate.

We Are a Full-Service Provider

Among service providers, Xclusive is unique in providing full-service solutions for your entire property. Within Food and Beverage, we are pleased to offer:

The core of any food and beverage is the preparation of the food. Xclusive takes extreme care to train chefs that will follow all standards for safe food preparation and deliver a memorable experience for your guests.

Our trained team of banquet servers will take the food to your guests and ensure that your food arrives promptly, presented beautifully and professionally. More importantly, our servers will attend to any guest needs and take care of special requests.

When it’s time to clean-up your job will be infinitely easier with our team of Stewards and DMOs. You can expect efficient, reliable back of the house help as the night winds down with Xclusive.

Who Hires Our Food and Beverage Professionals

Xclusive Services is the trusted partner of hundreds of properties nationwide. As the leading provider of Food and Beverage staff to the hospitality industry we are thrilled to partner with:

No matter what your needs, we’ve seen it all at properties both locally and nationally. Enjoy the dedicated service of our local team with the support of the leading national provider.

How Much Help Do You Need

No matter what your situation, Xclusive is available to assist with your food and beverage needs:

While preparation is essential, nobody knows better than us that last-minute call-offs can be devastating. In many cases, Xclusive can provide trained, vetted, experienced staff within hours. And you can always count on us sending the right person for the job.

For a full-service solution, Xclusive can outsource your entire department and take care of all positions on a permanent basis. This setup allows for established personnel that will integrate seamlessly into your property.

Save Money with Xclusive

Labor costs are not just what is spent employing someone in the food & beverage and hospitality industry. It includes all costs associated with turnover such as job postings, interviews, hiring, training – costs that Xclusive assumes for you. When management’s time and attention is factored in, the true cost is even higher. But it goes well beyond this, whether that be a restaurant or bar, hotel or banquet facility, catering operation. To calculate the actual cost of turnover one must take into account the cost of being short-staffed as a consequence.

When you partner with Xclusive, you can eliminate many costs generally associated with your HR department. If issues arise you can count on our on-site supervisors to solve them before you even hear about it. And most importantly, cutting costs never means sub-par service when you team up with the industry leader.

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