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Hotel Staffing

The success of your hotel depends on the speed, efficiency, and quality of your staff. In the past, this might have made you reluctant to turn to a hotel staffing service. At Xclusive Services, we want you to staff without fear. Our approach to hospitality staffing ensures that our staff exceeds the industry standards – and your expectations. We work hard to hire, train, and encourage our industry-leading staff to push boundaries and define the new level of industry standards.

Our management team is filled with former hoteliers with a vision of seamlessly staffing hotels. We know what it takes to make your business rise above, and we’re here to lift you up. We also know that timing matters and work hard to fill vacancies fast, sometimes within hours.

Positions We Staff

At Xclusive, we strive to be your comprehensive partner for staffing your hotel. We can provide you with the staff you need, including:

Staffing Services

We can provide staff to serve as:

  • Line-level
  • Supervisory level

This ensures that no matter what holes you might have in your staff, our hospitality staffing professionals can fill them. Our quality staff ensures your hotel will continue to deliver the guest satisfaction that built your impeccable reputation.

When We Can Help

Hotel staffing is a tricky business. The staff you have today might prove completely inadequate next week. Or perhaps today’s staff will be excessive for next week’s needs. You need a way to be flexible in your staffing choices, and Xclusive can be your agile solution when you experience:

Peak season occupancy can push your staff to its limits and beyond. It doesn’t always make sense to staff for the full peak season, which might last just a few weeks. By the time you hire, train, and place new employees, the need might have passed. But our approach to hotel staffing means that our personnel come in the front door ready to work and ready to uphold your standards and beyond.

Special events can be lucrative for your hotel, but it can make demands that your staff is simply not prepared to meet. Our special events staff is trained to meet your hospitality staffing needs. Between their industry-leading training and a tour of your venue, they’ll be ready to exceed your expectations for events staff.

Finally, you might have decided that the hiring, training, and retaining cycle might be too much for your hotel. You might want to save time and money by outsourcing one or more departments entirely to us. We are prepared to take on this responsibility and integrate our operation seamlessly with your own.

You can rely on us when you have urgent staffing needs. We can fill your hotel staffing vacancies fast, sometimes within hours.


One of the most critical positions that needs hotel staffing support is housekeeping. You always need to be able to keep rooms turning over at a steady pace. But you can’t rush the process: it must be done right.

That’s where our housekeeping staff can help. Our experienced housekeeping staff will improve your room scores with their talented and meticulous approach. They always wear name tags and adhere to your uniform requirements – whether you can provide uniforms or not. Plus, we can provide all the staff you need, including housekeeping supervisors.


The mountain of laundry your hotel must constantly process could bury your business if you don’t keep on top of it. Our hotel staffing solution includes ensuring you have laundry personnel prepared to step in and get to work immediately.

Our staff is trained to operate all equipment, and our on-site training can make sure your property standards will be maintained. We can even provide supervisors to make sure the new staff fits seamlessly into your operation.

Banquet Staff

Special events from weddings to trade organization meetings can be a major windfall for your hotel. If you can establish and maintain a reputation for flawless events execution, you can add a steady new revenue stream to your books. But it often makes no sense to keep so many banquet personnel on the payroll.

That’s where Xclusive can step in. Our hospitality staffing solution can ensure you have the personnel you need to make every event a rousing success. In addition to set up and servers, we can provide captains and kitchen support with cooks and stewards.


In order to make guests comfortable, your hotel must be the epitome of clean. Of course, that means your rooms must be spotless, but that’s only the beginning. Your hotel must convey the idea of cleanliness everywhere: corridors, common areas and lobbies, weight rooms, business lounges, and more must all be flawless.

That’s where our janitorial hotel staffing solution can help. We can provide you with the janitorial staff that gives your hotel the shine it needs to maintain its reputation and ratings at the top of the cleanliness rankings.

We Lift Up Our People So They Can Elevate Your Business

At Xclusive, we don’t just hire the best candidates for hotel staffing. With our Xclusive Excellence™ approach, we also lift them up so they can become even better employees. This gives them the capacity to elevate your business. They will show up self-motivated and driven to be and do they best they can. They are innovators inspired to exceed the standards of the industry and exceed your expectations.

Once you try one of our hospitality staffing solutions, we know we’ll win your loyalty as we have already done with so many housekeeping and food and beverage managers. The quality, consistency, and reliability of our staff will ensure your hotel can shine in every situation. In addition, our dedication to compliance means that you will never get an unpleasant surprise because you didn’t meet legal standards.


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