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High Standards

We know that the quality and presentation of dishes has a major impact on the satisfaction of your guests. This is why our culinary staff is trained to identify fresh food while ensuring everything is cooked to regulation and most importantly, your high standards. Our heritage as the leading food and beverage company for supplemental staffing give you the peace of mind anytime you need extra help.

Whether it’s a prep cook, line cook, or chef, our professionally trained staff is ready to give your guests a meal that not only satisfies their appetites, but also exceeds your expectations for sanitation, hygiene and professionalism. When you choose Xclusive you can expect:

When You Need Additional Culinary Staff

When you’re short on cooks and culinary staff your options are extremely limited.  You can cut corners with safety, presentation or quality – three things you never want to do. Although you probably planned well ahead to have enough culinary staff last minute changes can cause issues. Xclusive Services has noticed last minute needs for additional staff are often caused by:

  • Last minute additions to guest list
  • Moving to a larger venue
  • Additional business from another event
  • Employee absenteeism

We know that our clients always plan large events ahead of time to prevent issues and provide high quality service.  In spite of this the banquet organizers can make last minute changes that are unexpected and difficulty to accommodate.

While it sounds like a great idea to add additional guests and the revenue they can bring, the staff must be able to accommodate it. More importantly, it can be difficult to tell the organizer their request is not possible.  Instead, Xclusive can step in and provide the additional trained staff to make your event a standout success.

Adding additional guests can also necessitate a move to a larger ballroom or even a different event space on property. Whether the prep kitchen is smaller, missing expected utensils or just less convenient, extra help can alleviate concerns.

Ideally, you will get the opportunity to host a second event simultaneously. While nobody complains about the additional revenue, it also creates added stress. Xclusive’s highly trained staff and coordinators can step in and take over when you need the help.

Even the most committed staff sometimes call-off – even last minute. Xclusive’s local recruiting networks can quickly get you the trained cooks you need to make the event go off smoothly.

Regardless of why you may need additional culinary help, Xclusive is your trusted partner and will get you the team members you need.

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We Are a Full-Service Provider

Xclusive Services is proud to be a full-service provider to your entire food and beverage department. To complement your culinary staff, we can provide:

We know that they back of the house is what keeps everything functioning smoothly. Our professional, trained stewards can perform all the stocking, dishwashing, and general labor needed to keep your kitchen in working order.

Our DMO’s are specifically trained to operate your dishwashing machines safely. With Xclusive, you will never find yourself short on dishes.

Xclusive’s front-of-the-house staff starts with our professional banquet servers. You can count on a beautiful presentation, responsiveness to guest requests and prompt delivery of food.

Our banquet set-up team is the right crew to make sure your banquet hall is ready to go. We understand how to execute your vision and maximize the first impression when your guests walk in.

Whether you need assistance with food preparation, processing transactions, or maintaining general sanitation, our concessions team is available. With a focus on customer service and safe food handling, Xclusive’s trained professionals can help with any event.

Who We Work With

Xclusive Services is the hospitality industry’s leader in supplemental staffing. Our clients include:

Hotels are the core of our business and we serve all major national brands. Our culinary staff serve hundreds of thousands of guests at conventions in every industry. We are the preferred partner of hotels nationwide due to our industry leading service.

Restaurants depend on Xclusive Services for our full-service solutions. By working only with one outside vendor, our clients can simplify their operations and focus on their core competencies.

Convention centers depend upon Xclusive Services for Janitorial help, food and beverage services and general labor. Few other companies have the breadth of staff and training programs to assist large facilities in a variety of functionalities. Xclusive’s culinary team truly helps conventions to shine and provide unforgettable meals.

Stadiums in dozens of cities utilize Xclusive for food preparation. Our flexible staffing solutions make us the right choice when full-time positions are not available.

Banquet halls rely upon us to prepare food for hundreds of events yearly. Whether it’s a wedding or birthday celebration, our staff is trained in a variety of dishes that will thrill your guests.

Catering companies face difficult staffing issues especially for large events. Our supplemental staff are the perfect solution to quickly scale the size of your operation.