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Top-Notch Services and Staff

Since 2002, Xclusive Services has offered top-notch staff and services that set us apart. We continue to uphold this tradition, offering the highest quality staff in the industry to give all customers an excellent staffing value.

Over the years, our services have grown in scope. We now provide staffing for a wide range of industries.

Our Services

Banquet Service

Our banquet servers are fully trained and ready to work under pressure. Our servers will show up with the right attitude and the right uniform. They know they can make a big impression on your clients, and they will represent you with professionalism, courtesy, and initiative.

Banquet Set-Up

A properly run banquet begins long before the guests arrive. We can help your VIP events run smoothly from the very beginning with a complete staff of properly trained banquet servers and seasoned banquet captains who can run point on all banquet set-up tasks. Our staff can work closely with yours to handle even the most high-pressure events with grace and efficiency.


Stewards are often the unsung heroes of an efficient kitchen. Our adept stewards will meet and exceed all health standards for cleanliness while ensuring all equipment is ready for use or packing up. We can provide basic labor or stewards trained in specialized equipment like dish machines.


A restaurant requires a full staff to run efficiently, especially on the nights of highest demand and highest profitability. Every night your reputation is on the line. We can supply cooks, servers, stewards, dish machine operators, and more to ensure all patrons enjoy a great experience.


Cooks are the heroes of your kitchen, and we can supply culinary staff that ensures all your dishes meet the high standards of your restaurant in taste and appearance. We supply prep cooks, line cooks, and chefs that can smoothly integrate into a high-pressure kitchen environment.


Our janitorial staff is prepared to keep your property spotless, including public arenas, outdoor spaces, and hotels. They are prepared to perform sanitation services for hospitals and other medical care facilities and can be trained to your specific property’s needs.


Concessions at big venues like stadiums and convention centers depend on smooth operation and friendly customer service. Although secondary to the event, concessions can be a primary driver of your guests’ satisfaction. We can provide one-time services or schedule for an entire season.

Environmental Services

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities must meet tough standards for cleanliness, and our environmental service workers can exceed these standards – and your expectations. Trained in our 8-step cleaning process, they provide general cleaning, handling of bio waste, and more.

General Labor for Light Industry

We can provide a wide range of workers for warehousing and production facilities. This can include:

Assembly workers
Machine operators
Production workers
Logistics staff

They can help you cut costs and improve your efficiency to be more responsive and profitable.

Machine Operator

Our machine operators are prepared to assist you in improving operational efficiency. Many come with prior training in the machines you use, and they can be trained on-site to operate them according to your needs and expectations.

Logistics Personnel

Our reliable and motivated logistics workers can assist you with proper inventory and production management. From entry-level workers to logistics coordinators, we can supply you with the staff you need to ensure optimal efficiency in your warehousing operations.


Proper and efficient packing is essential to a smooth warehouse and shipping operation. Whether you use automated or manual packaging, we can supply staff that will take on-site training to meet your specific needs.


Our skilled housekeeping staff cleans thousands of rooms daily in luxury resorts, timeshares, and hotels. We partner with properties of all sizes, helping the largest and smallest operations run efficiently. We also work with operations at all price points, from luxury resorts to budget accommodations.


Our laundry attendants will ensure your linens are up to standard and ready for your next guest. We understand the effects that falling behind on linens has on your housekeeping department and will make sure that you never have to carry rooms for any reason.

Guest Services

The quality of your guest’s experience can be determined by any single interaction with your staff. That’s why our guest services employees are always ready to serve with a professional attitude. They are capable of handling even the touchiest of customer issues to ensure guests always leave satisfied and with a smile.

Xclusive Excellence™ Sets Us Apart

If you have staffing needs, you need to choose the staffing agency that goes beyond the bare minimum. With our Xclusive Excellence™ commitment, we promise to:

We understand that your business can’t stop just because of a staff shortage. We will supply you with the staff you need remarkably quickly thanks to our extensive local networks. Many positions will be filled within hours.

Importantly, our timeliness never comes at the cost of quality. We recruit and retain talented people in all industries. We value them and this comes through in their professional attitude and professional appearance. We lift our people up so they can elevate your business.

We ensure legal compliance with our staff. We provide them with all necessary insurance and take care of identification and immigration issues as well.

With the quality staff we provide, problems are rare, but when they occur, we resolve them quickly. Our managers are available 24/7 with smartphones that let them address your concerns, even to the point of supplying replacement or additional staff.

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