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Staffed Thousands of Events

At Xclusive Services, have staffed thousands of events at venues across the country. From stadiums to convention centers we excel at providing friendly customer service and maintaining a smooth operation at your events. We have the capacity to provide hundreds of trained employees for your entire sports season or even just for a one-time special event. Safe food preparation, cleanliness, and sanitation are the foundation of the services we provide at each event. We have both the scale and management presence to make your large event a success!

Our concessions staff can handle a variety of tasks for your venue. Food preparation, selling food and drinks, collecting money and tendering change, and picking up supplies and food items from vendors are among the many responsibilities we typically handle. If there are specific duties that you need done let us know so we can arrange for on-site training.

Where Our Concessions Staff Works

Fill in the Gaps

Stadiums face some of the most difficult staffing issues. With a limited number of events per year or per sports season, it is not feasible to have full-time concessions staff on hand. Xclusive Services is experienced at providing staff for sports events with up to 100,000 guests at a time. Whether you are looking for help filling in some gaps in your staff or seasonal staff for a football or basketball season, Xclusive has the national and local recruiting networks to make your event a success.

Convention centers may face staffing challenges based upon infrequent conventions or events. Duties required may also be more variable as each show is likely to have different requests and vendor requirements. When necessary, we can arrange for on-site training to handle difficult or unusual requests.

Our concessions workers frequently work with hotels for banquets or other large events. We are available to work with your property directly or with outside vendors that assist in event planning.

Most concession stand jobs are seasonal –making it more difficult to hire full time help. For instance, a concession stand worker may be hired for a baseball game or a series of football games, or during the spring or summer at parks or other recreational places. Xclusive Services is available to assist even on short notice for many events.

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When You Need Concessions Staff

Xclusive Services customizes our solutions for each client. We look forward to working with you to discuss your options:

Temporary or supplemental staffing gives clients the flexibility they need to staff up for special events or peak times. In many cases we can help on last minute notice within only a few hours – although we always suggest advance planning when possible.

For more consistent staff we recommend building a seasonal partnership. Bringing in the same employees for multiple events allows them to build familiarity with the facility, management and standards. With a seasonal agreement our on-site supervisors can take on additional responsibilities and help you to focus on other areas of your operations.

When desired, full outsourcing of your concessions and food and beverage needs is ideal. Xclusive Services can create a full-service plan to staff and integrate multiple roles. Coordination with your department manager to define goals and parameters for a successful partnership will be essential.

Why Depend on Xclusive Services

All Xclusive Services concessions workers are background-checked, drug-tested and trained before their first day of work. Among the duties they can handle are:

• Welcoming guests who approach the concessions stand
• Taking orders for food and beverages and prepare food items
• Following sanitation and health guidelines
• Performing garnishing duties on food items
• Issue tickets for items that take longer to prepare
• Counting and giving out change for cash payments
• Assist with set-up and preparation of concession stands
• Perform clean-up and sanitation duties after each shift
• Clean and maintain food preparation equipment

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