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Many companies treat the hospitality industry as if it’s an equipment rental service. They provide you with the equipment, and you pay the hourly rate. We’ve all rented from a service that doesn’t take care of its tools. The equipment is worn, poorly maintained, and barely serviceable. This is how it feels getting temporary staff from some agencies, too.

At Xclusive Services, we know that our business is all about people. We know that people need more than money for maintenance, they need respect. Respect leads to dignity, and dignity improves performance. Lifting our people up helps them elevate your business with a professional attitude, appearance, and competence that meets or exceeds your expectations as well as industry standards. This is the essence of our Xclusive Excellence™ commitment.

Xclusive values our people by:


Professionals That Meet Your Needs

At Xclusive, we offer professionals at all training and experience levels. This not only ensures you, our client, gets staff appropriate to your needs, but also means that the people are right for the position. We don’t ask experienced professionals to do menial labor or throw people into jobs they’re underqualified for. This helps our people know their value and work hard at jobs they are capable of and suited for.

Local Managers Available 24/7

We promote our local managers to clients because they’re there for you, to help if you encounter any problems and need assistance. But our managers are there for our people as well. As we said, we work hard to match people and positions so they work smoothly and efficiently. However, in the rare case that there’s a mismatch, we want our people to be able to get out of a situation that just doesn’t work for them. It’s not fair to them, and it’s not fair to you to be paying full rate for a staff member who, for one reason or another, can’t deliver full work.

Providing Appropriate Compensation

Many staffing companies look at wages as simply an expense, so it makes sense for them to minimize expenses by minimizing wages. This leads to employees who will throw their hands up at the first challenge and say, “I’m not being paid enough for this.”

We look at our employee wages as an investment. We know that when we compensate our employees well, we will get better value out of them now and in the future as their skills and experience grow. Here’s a secret: it doesn’t automatically cost you more to get well-paid staff. With our more productive staff and our unique approach to staffing problems, we can offer competitively priced solutions for all your staffing needs.

People Who Get Respect Give Respect

Before founding Xclusive, we often encountered disrespect from temporary staff. They didn’t work for us, and they didn’t care about us or our business. We never want our clients to have that experience.

We respect our employees for their skill and dedication. We show this respect in our daily interactions as well as the ways mentioned above. We also teach them to respect our clients and their businesses. When someone from Xclusive shows up at your business, they will have a professional appearance and a professional attitude. They are ready to take instruction, receive training, and follow rules as well as demonstrate initiative and self-motivation.

Let Our People Elevate Your Business

At Xclusive Services, we know that we’re in the people business, and we know it’s important to treat our people well to ensure they do their jobs properly. With the treatment they receive, we believe our personnel are more than a match for employees provided by any staffing agency.

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