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Back of House Help

To make sure your event goes off without a hitch, its essential not to forget the back of the house help. Stewards are essential to deliver an excellent guest experience. Our Stewards and Leads will assist in coordinating kitchen responsibilities, making certain back of the house areas are maintained, and ensuring that health and safety are top priorities. While Stewards are rarely seen, they are the heart of the house making sure events go off without a hitch. Xclusive Services is committed to handling the details so your team can focus on giving your clients a memorable and unique experience.

When Stewards are needed for an event, you can rest assured that Xclusive Services will provide the most qualified, talented and reliable employees to your venue. When our Stewards do occasionally come into contact with guests our training ensures you can expect them to deliver a professional, friendly attitude and present a polished appearance. You can always count on an incredible event when you hire Xclusive Services.

We Offer All the Staff to Make Your Kitchen Run Smoothly

A Few Extra Hands

Whether you need a few extra hands or help to run your entire kitchen, we can provide the dedicated staff to support your operation. We can provide:

As soon as your guest take the first bite, they should know that they are going to have a memorable night.

Our Stewards are seasoned hospitality professionals who understand that the support staff of the kitchen is essential to ensure a clean, tidy and efficient kitchen.

Our adept stewards focus first on meeting and exceeding all health standards for cleanliness. Running an organized operation, we will keep all equipment ready for use, when it is needed. Whether you need a dish machine operator or just a pair of hands, we are ready to help.

Our team members are well versed at both running entire events and working under your existing staff to supplement the operation. With Xclusive Services you can expect friendly, attentive and well-trained assistance to help handle problems that come up. In addition to back of the house we can provide additional assistance:

With Xclusive Staffing you can always count on working with a company who can handle all of your needs.

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Who Hires Our Stewards

No matter what event you are hosting we can assist. Our team has decades of experience and relationships with major companies in each of our markets. Venues we serve include:

While many of our partners have their own trained staff, Xclusive Services is ready to handle any event that comes up. Whether the guest list increases last minute or you are dealing with last minute call-offs, we pride ourselves on being the trusted hospitality staffing partner you can rely on.

In many hotels, Xclusive Services is thrilled to not only be a trusted partner, but to run the entire department. As an industry leading provider, we have the experience necessary to manage your entire kitchen with minimal oversight. As a trusted partner for decades we truly know what it means to take ownership of your operation likes its our own.

In other situations we are pleased to provide supplemental staff to convention centers for periodic events. Working hand-in-hand with full-time kitchen employees our team is ready and willing to raise your service to the next level.

Restaurants are valued partners of Xclusive because of our ability to handle fluctuations in business seasonally or even just during peak hours. We pride ourselves on being able to walk into a facility and integrate with the team.

When You Need Additional Stewards

Having enough back-of-the-house help is critical to your successful event. Whether you’re dealing with hiring difficulties or last minute circumstances have changed Xcluisve is always available. We know that things happen:

As industry professionals we know that your events are usually planned well in advance. But last minute changes by clients or last minute staffing issues can throw a wrench in the best laid plans. In today’s environment it is especially difficult to plan event with staffing shortages abounding. When issues occur we are often able to help provide team members in just a matter of hours.

Whether you are struggling with last-minute call-offs from illness, or clients making last minute changes, Xclusive is proud to be a trusted partner you can call in your hour of need.

Why Choose Xclusive for Your Event

The right training and the right attitude can change an event from a catastrophe to a spectacular success. Our Xclusive Excellence standard ensures that not only are you getting bodies to fill roles but you are receiving industry leading assistance to take your event to the next level. With Xclusive you can always count on:

Most importantly, our team members take pride in being part of something special. We strive to lift people up through our unique processes. Starting with hiring and training, its what we do before your event that makes the difference. The pride we take in our people extends to them taking pride in their work and your event. A positive attitude and motivated people makes all the difference!

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