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5-Star Experience

When your guest lay down for a good night’s sleep, they need to know that the sheets are clean. Nothing will turn a 5-star experience into a nightmare more quickly than finding stains on the bed. At Xclusive, we know that laundry isn’t only about cleaning linens but also about making sure that they are thoroughly inspected before they are ever sent back to a guestroom. Our highly trained staff understand that perhaps more than any other facet of the experience a dirty bed equals bad reviews and guest complaints.

Our professional staff understands the importance of their job and is constantly focused on the guest experience. While your guests may take clean towels and linens for granted, we never do.

How Can We Help You

Our solutions are customized to your property needs. At your request Xclusive can provide:

In a pinch, Xclusive Services’ laundry attendants can be the perfect supplement to your team. Whether you just need someone for a day or you’re looking for longer term help, Xclusive can assist in helping your department run smoothly.

Laundry departments across the country depend upon Xclusive to staff their entire department and ensure linens are always ready. Whether your property is too small to afford full-time staff or a thousand-room hotel looking for cost savings, we can customize a solution to your needs.

Xclusive Saves You Money

Our job at Xclusive is to ensure that you aren’t wasting money on unnecessary expenses. We do this by:

When your laundry department falls behind the effects can cascade throughout your entire housekeeping division. Stayover and checkout room cleanings can both take longer as room attendants are waiting for sheets and towels. Xclusive understands the ramifications of this and ensure that clean linens are always available.

Xclusive knows that one of the most devastating complaints a hotel can receive are reports of dirty sheets. These situations can cause disgruntled guests, extra work for housekeeping and even refunds. Maintaining a properly functioning laundry department whether through outsourcing or supplemental labor ultimately saves money.

When You Need Additional Staff

Having enough linens (and laundry attendants!) is critical to successfully turning rooms. Whether your property is struggling with constant worker shortages or just last minute sick days, Xclusive is available to help. We know that things happen:

As industry professionals we know that even the best laid plans don’t always work out. Workers are harder than ever to find. Properties nationwide are understaffed. When needed, Xclusive is proud to be a reliable, trusted partner than can leverage our local recruiting networks to get you help – sometimes in just a matter of hours.

No matter why you’re struggling, contact us today to find out how we can help.