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Xclusive Services – Irving


Xclusive Services – Irving

1221 W Airport Fwy

Suite 221

Irving, TX 75062

United States



Temp Agency Irving, TX

Quality Staffing Agency Near the Irving Arts Center

Are you concerned because call-outs are leaving you short-staffed for a typically heavy weekend? Do you have a big order that needs to package and ship soon? Or are you looking for someone to take over some of the necessary positions you can’t seem to keep staffed? If you are in any of these positions, let Xclusive Services help. As the leading temp agency in Irving, TX, we can help you get the staff you need when and where you need it. With our Xclusive Excellence™ commitment, we will often fill your positions with quality workers within hours.

To learn for yourself why Xclusive Excellence™ means so much, please call 972-486-9796 today to get us started finding you the best staff for your position. Then stay by the phone, we’ll be calling back quickly to tell you we’ve found the perfect people for your company.

Positions We Fill at Our Temp Agency in Irving, TX

Xclusive works hard to be able to supply all the staffing needs of our clients. To do this, we hire and retain people in a wide range of positions. Some of the most common positions we fill include:

But this is only the start. We can supply many more types of workers. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in the list above, just give us a call at 972-486-9796. We’ll either find the staff you need or tell you which Irving, TX staffing agency can help you.

This is even true if you have a specialized need for machine operators or people with special skill certifications. We can likely supply someone with the skills or certifications you’re looking for.

We can also supply you with workers at whatever level your organization needs, including:

  • Line level
  • Supervisors
  • Independent teams

Most of the time, you might just need to replace a few line-level employees. Our staff will come in with a professional approach and do what needs to be done. Or perhaps you need supervisors to help make sure all the work gets done. If that’s the case, we can supply supervisors with good leadership skills to take over your teams. Or we can supply independent teams that are self-supervising, capable of working independently with little or no supervision from you.

Temp Agency Supplying Diverse Industries in Irving, TX

When we founded Xclusive Services in 2002, we were mostly focused on the hotel industry. That’s where we had worked, and we knew the industry needed a better approach to temporary staffing. However, we quickly learned that everyone could benefit from our innovative approach to staffing and our Xclusive Excellence™ commitment. We expanded to help other industries meet their staffing needs, and now we regularly supply:

There are many other industries we serve. If your industry isn’t on the list, give us a call to find out how we can help.

Why Businesses Need Temp Staffing in Irving, TX

Irving is one of Texas’ biggest little cities. An economic powerhouse punching far above its size, Irving is a city where business demands can change fast. Under these conditions, it’s hard to stay on top of your staffing needs.

When you find yourself short on staff, you might call a temp agency for help. We often find people contact us because of:

  • Accidents
  • Weather
  • Call-outs
  • Unexpected opportunities
  • Opening a new location
  • Peak season
  • Outsourcing

Even with a careful staff and good safety procedures, accidents can happen. But when they do, it can put you behind. You might have damaged merchandise you need to replace and/or package. Or perhaps you have one or more employees who were injured. Sometimes you just need someone to clean up a bigger-than-usual mess, and your regular staff can’t do it right now.

Weather in central Texas can change suddenly. Thunderstorms can roll in, dropping a lot of rain very quickly, as well as hail. If you need staff to clean up your site in time for opening, we can help.

While your staff might normally be very reliable, they will all call out of a shift every now and again. And it often seems to happen that it’s not just one, but several people calling out of their shift, leaving you short-staffed.

But sometimes you need extra staff for good reasons. If your advertising took off and you received numerous orders, you might need extra people to deliver on time. Or if you’re being asked to hold too many events on the same night, but all the offers are too lucrative to let any go.

Hiring new staff for a new location can be a challenge. Sometimes you can get all your hiring taken care of, and other times you can’t. We can help whether you need to staff the location or just need people to staff the grand opening events.

Peak season demands so many people that you can’t keep them all on the payroll year-round. Usually, you can hire all the additional staff you need, but every once in a while, your hiring might fall through. That’s when we can step up and make the difference.

Or perhaps you have certain positions that you can’t reliably staff over time. We can take over administering these positions so you can focus on the core of your business and not worry about janitorial staff, concessions, etc.

Xclusive Excellence™ Shines in Irving, TX

If you are looking for a temp agency in Irving, TX, there are a few to choose from. But only Xclusive Services promises you Xclusive Excellence™, which includes:

  • Filling positions quickly
  • Always supplying quality staff
  • Ensuring legal compliance
  • Having managers available 24/7

When you need temp staff in Irving, TX, you usually need it fast. We utilize our exclusive local network to recruit people quickly for your positions, often getting people in place in a matter of hours.

We work hard to identify, hire, and retain the best talent for all the positions we staff. We let our employees know we value them, and this gives them pride in their work, so they always come to an assignment with a professional attitude and a professional appearance. They are self-motivated and ready to work. We lift our employees up so they can elevate your business.

For many companies, especially small companies, it can be hard to stay abreast of all the important legal requirements for staffing. But at Xclusive, hiring is our main focus. We make sure all our employees comply with US, Texas, and Irving legal requirements, including immigration, health insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance.

Because of our in-depth vetting process, problems are rare. But if they occur, we want to take care of them fast. That’s why we make sure we have managers available 24/7 to deal with your concerns – and to supply more staff if necessary.

Want to learn how Xclusive Services can help your business out of a tight spot? Please call 972-486-9796 today and we’ll find the people you need. Or use our contact form for more long-term questions and inquiries.