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Xclusive Services – Austin


Xclusive Services – Austin

2800 S I-35 Frontage Rd

Suite 201

Austin, TX 78704

United States



Austin, Texas Staffing

Downtown Austin

Do you have a need for temporary staffing in Austin? Are you looking for great staff on short notice because of call-outs? Are you opening a new location in Austin or considering outsourcing some aspects of your business? If so, Xclusive Services can help. Located at 2800 S I-35 Frontage Rd, we’re just 15 minutes from downtown Austin, right next to Saint Edwards University. From here, we help Austin companies in need of short-term staffing or looking for a long-term outsourcing solution.

If you are looking for staffing in Austin, please call 512-271-4438 or use our online form to contact Xclusive today.

Positions We Fill at Our Staffing Agency in Austin

Xclusive can help your company with a wide range of staffing needs in Austin. We can help if you are looking for assistance with:

We have built our reputation on being able to meet our customers’ needs even when they are very specialized. We can help if you need:

  • Line-level staff
  • Supervisors
  • Teams

Xclusive employees are pros who can step into your teams at either the line level or the supervisory level. They can also work independently with minimum supervision from you if necessary.

Do you need staff with particular skills and/or certifications? We can help with that, too. We will find you the employees who know how to operate the equipment you use. In addition, they’ll have a broad-based but extensive safety training, and know how to handle bio-waste, hazardous chemicals, or other hazards related to your industry.

Staffing Solutions for Diverse Industries in Austin, Texas

Xclusive has earned a status as the go-to staffing solution for many key industries. We get regular requests for staffing from many prime industries in Austin, such as:

Many of our executives started out in the hotel industry, and it’s there and in related industries that we’re at our most comfortable. However, we have learned to successfully apply the lessons of the hotel industry to different work situations, which makes us an in-demand staffing agency in Austin.

When Industries Seek a Staffing Agency Austin

At Xclusive, we know that sometimes it becomes almost impossible to have all the staff you need when you need them. That’s when we’re ready to step in and make sure your guests, clients, and customers never know you were short-staffed.

These situations include:

  • Call-outs
  • Accidents or weather events
  • Opening a new location
  • Unexpected opportunities
  • Outsourcing

Your staff might be so reliable and dependable that you forget they’re human, until they call out of their shift. Even the most reliable staff get sick sometimes, but you still need someone to perform their job. Xclusive can help you replace them quickly, filling most positions within hours.

Other times, there might be an accident or weather-related problems at your location or venue. You might need help cleaning up after a rowdy reception or dealing with flooding or other weather-related problems. Xclusive can get you the janitorial staff or environmental services workers you need to get ready for your next event.

Opening a new location is a singular challenge. There are so many parts that have to come together in time for the grand opening, and sometimes staffing doesn’t meet the deadline. Sometimes you might have the regular staff you need, but you want help getting the banquet staff or others related to the grand opening.

You might think you’re lucky to be fully booked until a sweet new opportunity comes along. Not only is it profitable for the one night, but it has the potential promise for future business as well. You might be able to take it if you could only get a little bit more staff. That’s where Xclusive comes in – not only can we get you enough employees to do both events, but our staff will help you impress the potential new client.

Other times, you might be looking for a way to outsource some of your recurring staffing headaches. Some positions can be hard to fill and retain, especially if it’s not the main focus of your business. Let us handle secondary staffing needs such as janitorial, concessions, laundry, and more.

What Sets Xclusive Apart

There are many options for staffing in Austin. So why should you choose Xclusive? You will enjoy the benefits of our Xclusive Excellence™, because we:

  • Fill vacancies fast
  • Supply quality staff
  • Ensure legal compliance
  • Provide workers’ compensation
  • Train workers in safety

Xclusive can fill many vacancies within hours. That’s thanks to our extensive network of local connections in Austin that give us access to people looking for the exact position you’re trying to fill. We recognize the best talent in diverse workers, hire them, and value them. This means that they bring not just talent and skill to your business, but a professional attitude and a professional appearance.

We are also skilled at navigating the laws around hiring, so you can have confidence that the workers we supply meet the legal requirements under US, Texas, and Austin laws. This includes providing the necessary insurance and covering workers’ compensation for our employees.

We also train all our workers in safety both at our office and on your job site. This reduces the risk of costly accidents.

Want to learn more about what makes Xclusive the right choice for staffing in Austin? Please call 512-271-4438 today or use our online contact form to ask questions.