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Xclusive Services – Louisville


Xclusive Services – Louisville

Louisville, Kentucky 40018

United States


Louisville Temp Agency

Staffing Agency Louisville

Did you just find out that half your staff has called out of their shifts this weekend? Or have you just gotten a large, unexpected order that your regular staff can’t handle? Or have you had trouble recruiting enough employees for your new location? In all these situations, Xclusive Services can step in and give you the temporary staff you need to satisfy your customers and stay profitable. We can also be your outsourcing solution if you have long-term problems hiring and maintaining staff for certain positions.

With our convenient location in central Louisville, we can help you fill many positions in a matter of hours, and we always supply quality staff for all your positions – that’s part of our Xclusive Excellence™ promise to you.

To learn how Xclusive Services can help you in Louisville, please call today and let us get starting meeting all your staffing needs.

Positions Our Temp Agency Fills in Louisville

At Xclusive, we strive to be flexible, ready to fill any and all of our customers’ needs. This means having people ready to step into a wide variety of positions. Among the positions we most commonly fill are:

Plus many others. If you have any staffing needs in Louisville, don’t hesitate to call us and make a request. We will either supply the staff you need or direct you to the Louisville staffing agency that can.

Don’t hesitate to call with specialized needs. At Xclusive, we regularly supply people with particular skills, including certifications for specialized positions and operating certain machines.

We also supply staff at different organizational levels. This can include:

  • Line-level employees
  • Supervisors
  • Independent teams

If you’re looking for line-level employees, our professional-minded workers will show up ready to receive instruction and ready to work. We can also supply supervisors to manage your workers or ours. In fact, we can even supply independent teams that can operate with little or no supervision from you, including adding a third shift to your assembly line.

We also have managers available 24/7 to make sure you’re completely satisfied with the staff we’ve supplied, and capable of supplying a replacement or additional staff as necessary.

Industries That Often Use our Louisville Staffing Agency

We founded Xclusive Services in 2002 to supply temporary workers to the hotel industry, where most of our executives worked. We knew there was a better way to do it than was currently being done. Our approach proved popular not only with hotels, but with many industries. As a result, we commonly get requests from these industries:

Of course, there are many others, and you shouldn’t hesitate to call just because your industry isn’t listed here. Our Xclusive Excellence™ approach can help almost any company get the staff they need.

Why Companies Are Looking for Temp Agencies in Louisville

Louisville has a bustling, dynamic business community. In this environment, many owners and managers have trouble predicting and maintaining the staff they need. Common scenarios where companies find themselves looking for a temp agency in Louisville, include:

  • Call-outs
  • Accidents
  • Bad weather
  • Peak season
  • Opening a new location
  • Unexpected opportunities
  • Outsourcing

Even if you have a staff that’s generally reliable, people are sometimes going to have to call out of their shift. If it were just one person, that might not be a concern, but it often seems that many people tend to call out of shifts at the same time, leading to serious staff shortages.

Other times, you might blame an accident for your staff shortage. Perhaps one or more employees were injured. Sometimes you might have lost stock or assembled orders, which means you have to remake them. And, of course, the accident might make a big mess that your regular staff can’t take the time to clean up.

Louisville weather can be unpredictable. Wind, rain, hail, and even tornadoes can sweep through the city with little notice. They can damage venues, requiring cleanup or repairs, or make it hard for staff to make it into work, creating a shortfall.

Peak season is when you make most of your money, and that’s when you need most of your staff. Usually, you can hire up to the level you need, but some years your hiring efforts fall short.

It’s also a challenge to hire up when you’re opening a new location. You can’t always reach the level of staff you need, and even if you do, you might need additional staff for grand opening events – and you can’t always pull these from your other locations.

Sometimes there are just great opportunities that fall into your lap. Maybe your advertising worked better than expected and you have massive orders to fill. Or perhaps you have an offer to run a second event at the same time, but you don’t have enough staff to do both.

Other times, there are positions that your HR can’t quite get a grip on. They can’t recruit, hire, or retain people for these positions, which makes them a drain on your resources with work not getting done or poorly done, not to mention the cost of constantly hiring and training. In these situations, Xclusive can be your outsourcing solution to make sure the positions stay filled with quality people.

Xclusive Excellence™ Makes a Difference at Our Louisville Temp Agency

There are many staffing agencies trying to win your business in Louisville, but we’re the only one that offers our Xclusive Excellence™. This is our commitment that we will:

  • Fill your positions quickly
  • Always find quality staff for you
  • Handle all legal compliance issues for our employees
  • Have managers available 24/7

When you approach a temp agency, you probably need your positions filled ASAP. We work hard to do this, using our extensive local network, and can fill many positions within hours.

At Xclusive, take the time to identify, hire, and retain some of the best talent in all our industries. Our people will meet or exceed all industry standards as well as your expectations. We treat our employees right and that lifts them up so they can elevate your business.

We also know that it’s hard to keep on top of all the legal requirements for hiring. With our staff, you don’t need to worry: we take care of compliance under US, Kentucky, and Louisville law. This includes identification, insurance, and other compliance concerns.

Because we work with quality people, you’ll rarely have a problem with Xclusive hires, but if problems come up, we want to take care of them immediately. That’s why we have managers available 24/7 to handle your needs.

Want to learn why Xclusive Services can be the best Louisville temp agency for you? Please call now for an immediate staffing need or use our online form for more long-term needs.