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Cruise Line Staffing

Travelers voyage to destinations around the globe on all-inclusive vacations beyond compare. They celebrate with friends and family, immerse themselves in new cultures, seek out adventure, relax, and fall in love. The level of service provided needs to exceed expectations for days, weeks, and months at a time, never wavering for even a moment. A terrible cruise will always be remembered… and will never be repeated.

Xclusive Services provides staffing solutions where arriving late is not an option and commitment is required. With decades of experience, we understand the unique challenges of staffing on the water. Our team members are reliable and hard working. When you leave port, you’ll never have to wonder whether you have the right crew to get the job done.

Positions We Staff

At Xclusive, we are proud to provide all the staff you will need for your ship no matter how long you will be out of port.


The keystone of a successful cruise is a clean cabin. Guests expect daily housekeeping service that keeps their room clean and clutter-free. Xclusive is the industry leader in housekeeping and services millions of rooms each year with customer complaints for fewer than 1 in 1,000 rooms serviced.

In addition to ensuring happy guests, Xclusive understands the importance of sanitation in the closed environment of a ship where viruses can circulate quickly. Our trained staff will prevent the spread of disease and follows all industry standards for disinfecting rooms.


With limited supplies of linens and towels on-board our staff is especially attuned to the time pressure of operating an effective laundry service. Beyond keeping linens clean in a timely matter our staff will monitor inventory to prevent any slow-downs in our housekeeping services.

Our staff can be trained to operate your ship’s equipment in order to blend seamlessly into your operations. All of our solutions are customized to your ship to provide five-star services. Our on-site supervisors are available 24/7 to provide additional training and handle any unforeseen issues that may occur.

Banquet Staff

Many of the most memorable moments take place in your dining rooms whether for a casual meal or a formal dinner. Our staff emphasizes building personal connections with your guests to leave a lasting impression with every meal.

While we know the importance of our front-line team members, we are proud to offer a full-service solution for your food and beverage department. In addition to banquet set up and servers, we can assist with food preparation and cleanup.


The cleanliness of your ship should be the last thing on your guests mind when they’re on vacation. In order to make guests comfortable, your ship should be spotlessly clean. Of course, that means guest rooms must be spotless, but that’s only the beginning. Common areas, hallways, pool decks, lounges and dining rooms must be clean and presentable 24/7.

That’s where our janitorial services can help. Our staff regularly receives awards for servicing the top properties in the industry and achieving best in class service standards. Ask us today how your ship can set the standard and leave a lasting impression for your customers.

We Lift Up Our People So They Can Elevate Your Business

At Xclusive, we don’t just select and train the top candidates for cruise staffing. With our unique Xclusive Excellence™ system, we create the environment and incentives for our employees to constantly impress. When our employees arrive on your ship, they will create an experience that is unforgettable. We make sure to provide the right person the first time to allow your team to focus on your profit-drivers.

Our aim is to achieve advancement, not only for Xclusive Services but also for all our clientele. We create personalized services and staffing options tailored to your precise requirements. Leveraging our extensive local connections, we identify individuals who are a perfect fit for your business, aligning not only their skills but also their mindset and character. When our team arrives at your establishment, their dedication goes beyond fulfilling their duties; they strive to contribute towards accomplishing your company’s objectives.


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