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How Do Janitorial Staffing Shortages Impact My Business?

A clean, sanitary environment is critical to the success of just about any business. The cleanliness of your space will have a significant impact on your employees’ daily working conditions, and it will also play an important role in your ability to make a great first impression on your customers.

Unfortunately, the janitorial industry has traditionally faced challenges retaining quality employees, and these difficulties have only been exacerbated in recent years. The average turnover rate for janitorial staff is approximately 200%, which means many businesses are facing a constant churn of their janitorial team.

Unfortunately, this high janitorial staff turnover rate isn’t just a problem for the company providing your cleaning services. It also creates a variety of issues for the businesses these companies serve.

Subpar Cleaning Work

It’s much more difficult to maintain a clean facility when the people providing your janitorial services are changing on a regular basis. Newly hired janitorial staff are more likely to work inefficiently and get less done during their shift. In addition, they’re more likely to miss important tasks, damage equipment or overuse cleaning supplies while they’re getting trained in the specifics of their job. This means your business may become a training ground for new hires, and this can significantly impact the quality of the work being performed.

It should come as no surprise that experienced janitorial staff who have been working at your facility for an extended period of time will work more efficiently, do their jobs better and have a better understanding of the precise cleaning needs of your business.

Safety Issues

Quality janitorial service providers implement strict hiring protocols to ensure they’re able to maintain optimal levels of safety for their employees and the facilities they clean. Background checks are conducted for all new employees, and safety training programs are provided to minimize the risk of common workplace injuries, such as slip and fall accidents, that may occur while cleaning a facility.

High janitorial turnover rates may force these companies to be less thorough in their hiring practices in order to ensure they have adequate staffing to provide cleaning services to all their clients. This could create safety issues for everyone in the building.

Difficulty Addressing Specialty Cleaning Needs

janitorial staffing solutions Depending on the nature of your business, you may have certain specialty cleaning requirements in place to ensure sanitary conditions are maintained and any hazardous materials are handled properly. In addition, there may be updated disinfecting and sanitizing standards that have been implemented in your building recently that must be adhered to by the janitorial team.

When janitorial workers are brand new, they may not be as familiar with the latest standards or understand the special protocols used in your facility. This can make it more challenging to ensure your building is properly cleaned and sanitized.

Increased Cleaning Costs

When your janitorial service provider is constantly hiring new employees due to staffing shortages, it can increase their costs significantly. It’s very expensive to recruit, hire and train new employees. In addition, lost productivity while new employees acclimate to the job can further increase costs. In order to maintain a profitable business, janitorial service providers will often be forced to pass these costs along to their customers.

Poor Guest Experience

Businesses in the hospitality industry must provide an excellent guest experience in order to remain successful. Maintaining clean, sanitary conditions is a critical component of this guest experience. If your facility isn’t being cleaned properly due to janitorial staffing shortages, it can damage the reputation of your business and drive potential repeat customers to your competitors. Over time, this can have a devastating impact on your business.

Xclusive Services Can Address Your Janitorial Staffing Needs

janitorial staffing solutions Whether you have an in-house janitorial team or you work with a commercial janitorial service provider, these staffing shortages can negatively impact your business. If you consistently find that your janitorial team is shorthanded, Xclusive Services can help.

Xclusive Services can address just about any janitorial staffing needs you may have, including:

Our staffing agency serves businesses in a wide range of industries, including:

This list is by no means exhaustive. If you don’t see your industry listed above, we can most likely provide the janitorial staff you need. Give us a call to find out how we can help.

At Xclusive, we offer flexible solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. We can supply a small number of janitors or a complete janitorial team on very short notice if you’re experiencing unexpected turnover. We can also provide temporary janitorial staff when you have team members that need to take an extended leave of absence. If you prefer to eliminate janitorial staffing headaches entirely, we can supply all of your janitorial staff on a long-term basis.

You’ll also benefit from our Xclusive Excellence™ commitment, which ensures:

Don’t let janitorial staffing shortages have a negative impact on your business. Xclusive Services can provide the staffing solutions you need when you need them, ensuring your business remains successful.

Request a quote or call a local office today to address immediate staffing needs.

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