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6 Benefits of Partnering with a Hospitality Staffing Agency

If you are in the hospitality business, you might think of doing all your staffing in-house. You think you don’t need staffing services, because it’s much better to do all the hiring on your own. Instead, you believe your hotel, convention center, or entertainment venue should do all its own hiring.

However, there are many good reasons why your hospitality business should work with a hospitality staffing agency. Here are just a few of the many benefits of starting and maintaining a long-term relationship with a hospitality staffing agency like Xclusive Services.

Save Time and Resources on Hiring

Hiring is expensive. You have to post the position. Then you will likely have to pay to promote the position advertisement to make sure you’re reaching enough candidates. Once you reach enough candidates, you must spend time considering all the potential candidates’ resumes, letters, and other documents.

After you’ve managed to sort through all the applications, it’s time for interviews. Interviews can be stressful and time consuming, often taking multiple team members away from their main jobs – which could be in short-staffed departments – to consider candidates.

A hospitality staffing agency saves you all of that. All you have to do is make a request for new employees, and the agency supplies them. Other than the time to make a phone call or send an email, the cost in time and internal resources to bring on new staff is essentially zero.

Get Quality, Vetted Staff

hospitality staffing agency The time and energy required to find new employees is even greater when you consider how hard it is to find quality workers in hospitality positions. When you hire a new employee, you have to do background checks, drug tests, and more to make sure you’re getting people who are legally compliant, and you still don’t know how good they’ll be at their jobs.

However, when you work with a hospitality staffing agency, you will get an employee who’s already been vetted. At Xclusive, we provide you with staff that’s been drug-tested and has gone through background checks. We’ve verified their paperwork and documentation. On top of that, we know they’re good at their work, because yours is not the first job we’ve sent them on. They’re proven workers by the time they show up at your hotel, restaurant, or convention center.

Have Access to Different Skills

It’s possible that your hotel or restaurant does a good job of attracting and retaining people for certain positions you always need. You know that you can always get stewards or someone to work in your laundry.

But what do you do when you need a different skill set than usual? Say that you need someone with environmental services training to handle bio-waste. It can be hard to find staff with different skills. This means that you will spend an inordinate amount of time on that search, and you are more likely to get an employee who isn’t really prepared to do the job.

When you have a relationship with a staffing service, you can simply contact them. Either they will have the employee you need or can direct you to someone who will.

Easily Handle Unexpected Demand

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for working with a hospitality staffing agency is being prepared for the unknown. One of the biggest unknowns is when you might have sudden, unexpectedly high demand. You know the seasonal patterns, but sometimes demand will spike at times that are normally slow.

A hospitality staffing agency can help you deal with these fluctuations in demand. When you need more staff, you can get it on call. With an agency like Xclusive, your additional staff may be at your location within minutes or hours.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

In addition to high demand, you might have sudden emergencies to deal with. Perhaps there was a big snowstorm, and you have to clear snow. Maybe there was a big spill at an event hall, and you need it clean for a wedding. Perhaps one of your employees was injured or took sick – COVID showed us just how devastating widespread call-outs can be when multiple team members get sick at the same time.

When you work with a hospitality staffing agency, you can deal with these situations easily. Just call in and get the additional staff you need, either to replace employees who are out or those you need to do additional work.

Control Costs

hotel worker supplied by hospitality staffing agency When you try to use your own staff to deal with unexpected demand or handle emergencies, you might experience significant cost increases. That’s because you’ll end up triggering overtime for employees, which can cost you considerably more than getting replacement staff from a hospitality staffing agency.

Perhaps even more importantly, a hospitality staffing agency can control overtime hours by rotating through employees. On the other hand, you have limited staff, and once you start using your employees for overtime, you don’t know how much costs might spiral out of control.

Xclusive Excellence Sets Us Apart

If you are considering using a hospitality staffing agency, you should choose Xclusive Services because of our Xclusive Excellence™.

Xclusive always works to get you replacement staff quickly. We fill many positions within hours. However, we never sacrifice quality just to make sure we fill a position. We not only guarantee quality staff, we also give you the confidence of full legal compliance – we drug test and background check all our employees. There is rarely a problem with our staff, but if you do encounter one, you have the confidence that a manager is available 24/7 to deal with the problem, including providing additional or replacement staff immediately.

To learn more about the benefits of working with Xclusive, please request a quote today.

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