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5 Ways Temporary Staffing Can Help Hotels During Peak Seasons

Peak season is both a blessing and a curse for your hotel. On the one hand, you may rely on the revenue from these few weeks or months to keep your hotel afloat all year. On the other hand, the intense demands on your staff and facilities at this time can stretch you to the breaking point.

But it doesn’t have to be that stressful. Temporary hotel staffing can be a boon during peak seasons to help your hotel operate, and even improve during this time without putting too many excessive demands on yourself and your permanent staff. Here’s how temporary staffing can make peak seasons easier and better for your hotel.

Save Time on Hiring

Hiring new employees is time consuming. You have to write job descriptions, post them, field applications, and conduct interviews. When you do hire people, then there’s paperwork, too. That’s hours of work for each employee you hope to hire, and you must do it at the same time as you’re trying to do everything else to get ready for the peak season.

Temporary staffing can save you all this trouble. Instead of going through the complicated hiring process, just make a call and tell the staffing company how many people you need, and when. They take care of the rest.

Save Time on Training

Another problem with hiring short-term staff for peak seasons is that most of your new hires will need to be trained. That’s additional time spent getting new hires ready, which puts more demands on your long-term staff. It’s also an additional expense, because you’re paying both your long-term staff to do the training and the new hires to be trained.

When you order temporary staffing from a hotel staffing agency such as Xclusive Services, the people come with the skills they need to do the job. Other than a quick overview of the quirks of your hotel, you don’t need to spend any time training temporary staff.

Protect Against Call-Outs

hotel staffing agency We all love our short-term hires, but let’s face it, as a group they’re not the most reliable. They are prone to calling out, which can leave your hotel short-staffed. When you’re running at full capacity, you might not be able to induce other employees to take extra shifts to cover the call-outs.

Temporary staffing can always supply the shortfall. Just call your staffing agency and they will supply you with replacement people, typically within a few hours.

Improve Customer Service

When your staff is stretched to its limits, tempers can get frayed. Even people who can muster a smile for the most difficult guests can find that they don’t have the energy to deal with routine demands.

Using temporary staff to take the load off your regular employees can help everyone to feel better so they can deal with all the little irritations that are part of the hotel industry, especially during peak season.

Expand Your Offerings

Sure, your hotel does okay during the peak season, but you’re probably always looking for ways to get guests to spend more of their money on your property. One way to do this is to try special events and offerings during the peak season. Special menu items in your restaurant, fun and festive barbecues, wine tastings, and more could all be good ways to entice your guests – and others in town – to spend more time and money at your hotel.

Temporary staffing can make this easy. You don’t have to hire additional employees or employees with special skills that you’ll be saddled with if the event doesn’t perform as you’d hoped. Temporary staffing also lets you experiment with new events without further stressing your long-term staff.

Xclusive Services Can Help Your Hotel Overcome Staffing Challenges

Your hotel depends on the revenue from the peak season, but it can also overwhelm your staff. At Xclusive Services, we can ensure you are properly staffed throughout the peak season.

You’ll also benefit from our Xclusive Excellence™ Commitment, which promises:

Xclusive Services is dedicated to providing exceptional staffing solutions for businesses in the hospitality industry. We were founded by former hoteliers who realized that traditional staffing companies didn’t meet the specialized needs of hotels and restaurants, so we do things a little differently. Give us a try and you’ll see how we can help your hotel make the most of your peak season.

Please contact us today to see how we can help with your peak season staffing challenges. We have locations nationwide.

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