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Xclusive Services – Dallas


Xclusive Services – Dallas

13374 Preston Rd

Dallas, TX 75240

United States



Staffing Dallas, Texas

Downtown Dallas

Do you need janitorial staff right now? Have call-outs reduced your stadium cleanup crew? Are you short on cooks for this weekend’s dinner rush? Xclusive Services is the premier staffing agency in Dallas, and we can fill these and many other staffing needs fast.

Our Dallas office is at 13374 Preston Rd, just 20 minutes north of downtown. For years, we have been supplying quality staff that’s well-trained and well-motivated to businesses throughout the Dallas metro area. We supply staff for short-term help or as a long-term outsourcing solution. They will show up with a professional attitude and a professional appearance. It’s all part of our Xclusive Excellence™ commitment to our customers.

If you are looking for staffing in Dallas, call 214-347-7171 now to get your positions filled by Xclusive. We can fill many positions in a matter of hours with quality staff.

Positions We Fill at Our Staffing Agency in Dallas

If you have a need for staffing in Dallas, Xclusive is a full-service staffing agency that can likely help. We hire employees with a wide range of skills that can fill your needs for many different positions. The positions we commonly fill for either short-term temporary or long-term outsourcing include:

However, this is only a fraction of the positions we can staff. If you don’t see the position you’re looking for on our list, please call 214-347-7171 to find out if we have what you’re looking for. We can either address your needs or let you know which staffing agency in Dallas can.

Many people worry that a staffing agency won’t be able to supply them with skilled workers that have specialized skills and training. However, at Xclusive, we have many workers with specific training, skills, and even certifications. If you need a specialized skill, including operators for a certain machine, please contact us. We can likely help.

We can also provide staff at many levels of training and experience. This can include:

  • Line level staff
  • Supervisors
  • Independent teams

Our well-trained and professional staff will have no problem fitting into your organization, and can go where you need them. Line-level staff is properly trained and with a professional attitude to take direction from your supervisors. In addition, our supervisors are trained to work with either our personnel or yours to get the job done. In addition, we can provide entire teams of employees that can operate independently with little or no supervision from you.

Staffing Agency in Dallas Serving Diverse Industries

For nearly two decades, Xclusive Services® has been providing quality staff on demand. We were originally founded in 2002 on a new approach to staffing that we felt was desperately needed in the hotel industry, where most of our executives worked. However, we quickly found that our approach was in high demand from many diverse industries because it helped them function their best. Now we are an in-demand staffing agency in Dallas for:

As more industries discover how they can benefit from our Xclusive Excellence™, we become more in-demand than ever.

Common Reasons Businesses Need Staffing in Dallas

Your business’ staffing needs can fluctuate wildly from day to day. You try to find the best compromise between your everyday needs and your maximum needs, but sometimes this means you might fall short and be in urgent need for staffing in Dallas.

Some of the common reasons why people request our service include:

  • Call-outs
  • Peak season
  • Special events
  • Accidents
  • Weather
  • Opening a new location
  • Unexpected opportunities
  • Outsourcing

Even the most reliable staff has to call out of a shift sometimes. They might be ill, have a family emergency, or have other good reasons for needing to cancel their shift. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that so many people are going to be out that your business won’t be able to operate. That’s where Xclusive can help. We can replace your staff on short notice to make sure you can keep open and function at your optimum level.

Peak season can be a big challenge for your business. There’s no justification for keeping peak-season employees on the roster all year, and sometimes your seasonal hiring drive falls short. In this case, Xclusive can help you get the staff you need to keep your peak season profitable.

When you have a special event coming up, you might have extraordinary demand for your services or goods. In that case, you need extra people to help deliver what your customers want. Xclusive can provide the staff you need, including staff you might not normally have available, like banquet servers.

Accidents can lead to staff shortfalls. Perhaps you have an injured employee and need to replace them, or maybe some of your stock was destroyed and you need to spend all night packing new stock. Or perhaps you just need someone to clean up the mess.

Weather can be a big problem, too. Heavy rain can lead to flooding that might require additional clean-up to get your business ready, whether it’s a shopfront or an event venue.

When you are looking to open a new hotel or other business location in Dallas, you’ve got a lot of moving parts to keep in line. Sometimes you might not be able to hire all the staff you need by the time of opening, or perhaps you just need some staff for your grand opening gala.

Success comes to those who can see opportunities and take them. Unfortunately, when opportunity comes, you might not have the staff you need to take it. That’s where Xclusive can come in, getting you the manpower necessary to strike while the iron is hot.

Finally, we have many companies that are looking to offload some of their more troublesome positions. Janitorial work might not be rocket science, but if your business is rocket science, you might not have the time, energy, and insight required to hire and retain the best janitors. That’s where Xclusive can help. You can affordably outsource some of these positions to us.

Our Xclusive Excellence™ Commitment

If you are short of staff, there are many staffing agencies in Dallas. However, no one else offers our Xclusive Excellence™ commitment. This includes:

  • Fast staffing
  • Quality employees
  • Full compliance
  • 24/7 manager availability

When you need staffing in Dallas, you often need it fast. This is where Xclusive excels: we can fill many positions in a matter of hours thanks to our extensive local network.

And don’t worry: fast staffing doesn’t mean you aren’t getting quality employees. We are skilled at finding talent in every industry we serve, and we know how to value and retain that talent. We value our employees, and this helps them value the work. This means they come to your worksite with a professional attitude and professional appearance. They are self-motivated and capable of self-supervision. Because we lift our employees up, they can elevate your business.

We are also very aware of the legal requirements for hiring staff. When you work with Xclusive, you can have confidence that we are complying with all legal requirements under US, Texas, and Dallas employment laws. This includes everything from citizenship documentation to providing health care, workers’ compensation, and more as required.

With Xclusive, you are unlikely to encounter any problems with our employees. However, if you do, you won’t have to deal with it alone: our managers are available 24/7 and they can quickly resolve your problem.

Are you looking for a staffing agency in Dallas to meet your staffing needs? Please call 214-347-7171 or use our online form to contact us today.