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Xclusive Services – Colorado Springs


Xclusive Services – Colorado Springs

320 N Academy Blvd

Suite 100

Colorado Springs, CO 80909

United States



Temp Agency Colorado Springs

Downtown Colorado Springs

Are you looking for quality staff today? Are you running an important event, but have had several call-outs leaving you short-staffed? Are you looking for a long-term outsourcing solution for some problematic positions? If so, Xclusive Services can be your number one temp agency in Colorado Springs. Located at 320 N. Academy Boulevard, we’re just 10 minutes outside downtown Colorado Springs, and we can help you meet all your staffing needs, whether it’s for short-term temporaries or a long-term managed solution.

To talk to Xclusive about your staffing needs in Colorado Springs, please call 719-600-3330 for immediate help, or use our contact form for less time-sensitive requests. We check our email every day, but we can supply staff within hours if you call.

Positions We Fill at Our Staffing Agency Colorado Springs

Xclusive is a full-service staffing agency in Colorado Springs. We can help you fill many different positions at your company on a short-term basis or for longer-term outsourcing. This includes:

If you have staffing needs in Colorado Springs, we can help: either we will supply your staff or refer you to someone who can.

Don’t hesitate to call even if you have a fairly specialized need. We have employees with a wide range of skills, certifications, and training. If you need an operator for a specific machine, we likely either have it or know someone who does.

We don’t just offer entry-level employees. Our staff can fit into your organization as:

  • Line-level staff
  • Supervisors
  • Independent teams

Our workers are highly professional and are capable of fitting into your organization seamlessly. They know how to follow instructions as well as give them. They are independently motivated and capable of self-supervision if necessary.

Temp Agency in Colorado Springs That Supplies Diverse Industries

Many of the executives of Xclusive started in the hotel business in Colorado. But just as our organization has expanded nationwide thanks to our quality staffing, we have expanded to be the temp agency in Colorado Springs that many industries look to for their staffing needs. We regularly supply staff to:

Why Businesses Need a Staffing Agency in Colorado Springs

In running your business, you do your best to anticipate your staffing needs. However, despite your best efforts, you might encounter some surprises, or you might have situations where it just doesn’t make sense to maintain some staff long-term.

Some of the common situations where businesses request our staff include:

  • Call-outs
  • Accidents
  • Weather
  • Special events and peak season
  • Opening a new location
  • Unexpected opportunities
  • Outsourcing

You rely on your staff, and usually they live up to your needs. However, there are some situations where they might call out from shifts because they are ill, injured, or have a family emergency. And sometimes enough staff calls out that you might not be able to meet your staffing needs. That’s when Xclusive can help.

Accidents, too, can lead to urgent staffing needs. Whether you have to make up for damaged stock, replace injured staff, or just clean up after an accident, you might need some extra help to keep on schedule.

Weather events can lead to extra staffing needs. Here in Colorado and especially in Colorado Springs, sudden surprise snowstorms can be a problem for your business. Xclusive can supply staff for snow removal or cleaning up after flooding.

Other times, you might have short-term staff needs that don’t justify long-term hiring. Whether you have a special event coming up or need help dealing with peak season, Xclusive can step in.

When you’re opening a new location, you have to bring many moving parts together at the same time. Sometimes, staffing falls short, and you need reinforcements – whether it’s the staff for the location or staff for the grand opening event.

When opportunities come up, you want to take them, especially if there’s a chance it could turn into regular business. Xclusive can provide you with quality staff that can impress at short notice.

Finally, you might find that your business is having trouble staffing and maintaining staff in some support positions not connected to your main business. It might not be worthwhile to spend a lot of time and effort hiring janitorial staff, for example, but Xclusive can supply them in a way that is cost- and time-effective for your business.

What Sets Xclusive Apart

There are many temp agencies in Colorado Springs that you might choose from. However, you should choose Xclusive because we:

  • Fill vacancies fast
  • Supply quality staff
  • Have managers available 24/7
  • Ensure compliance
  • Teach our staff a safety-first mindset

Xclusive has a reliable local network that can tap people who are looking for exactly the job you need to fill. This means that we can often fill your position in a matter of hours.

Most importantly, Xclusive believes in identifying, hiring, and retaining talented workers for all the positions we supply. By valuing their skills, we give them pride in their work, which helps them come to your business with a professional attitude and a professional appearance. They aren’t just killing time at work; they are working hard, and they will exceed not just the industry standards, but your expectations as well. We lift our staff up so they can elevate your business.

Our commitment to people includes our managers, who are available 24/7 to support our people, and to deal with any problems you might encounter, no matter how rare that might be.

With Xclusive, you don’t have to worry about compliance with complex labor laws. Hiring is our business, and we make sure our staff complies with all US, Colorado, and Colorado Springs labor laws. We supply necessary requirements like workers’ compensation, health insurance, and more.

Our staff is also trained with a safety-first mindset. We provide safety training at our office, which can include dealing with things such as bio-waste, sharps, and hazardous materials. Our staff will also get a safety briefing at your office, so they know the specific hazards of the work site.

Do you have staffing needs that you must fill in Colorado Springs? We are the only Xclusive Excellence™ provider in the area focused on lifting people up to elevate your business. Please call 719-600-3330 or use our online contact form today.