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Xclusive Services – Tampa


Xclusive Services – Tampa

1950 W M.L.K. Jr Blvd

Tampa, FL 33607

United States



Tampa Employment Agency

Temp Agency Near Wellswood

Did your hotel’s occupancy take you by surprise? Good news, but what can you do if your current housekeeping staff can’t turn all the rooms over? Or how can you handle a peak weekend crowd when several of your servers called out of their shift? What if you have a large order to fill, but can’t staff a third shift at your warehouse? In any of these situations, Xclusive Services can help.

Our office at 1950 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard is just 10 minutes from downtown, and we can quickly supply quality staff anywhere in the Tampa Bay area. That’s part of our Xclusive Excellence™ commitment to you.

Need help staffing your business in Tampa? Please call 813-644-6874 today. We can fill many positions within hours.

Positions We Fill at Our Tampa Staffing Agency

Xclusive Services aims to be your one-stop staffing agency in Tampa. We offer workers to fill a wide range of positions, including:

That’s only the beginning. Have a position you need to fill that’s not on the list? Please call 813-644-6874 and ask. We will either be able to fill the position or refer you to a Tampa temp agency that can.

You shouldn’t hesitate just because the position you need to fill requires special skills or certifications. We hire many employees with specialized training who are certified for unique positions, including operating machines that may be uncommon.

You might also believe that temp agencies only provide low-level employees. However, at Xclusive, we regularly supply Tampa businesses with:

  • Line level staff
  • Supervisors
  • Independent teams

Our line-level staff will show up with a professional attitude and a professional appearance. They are self-motivated, ready to work, and ready to take instruction and/or guidance from your managers. On the other hand, our supervisors are well-trained and capable of managing our staff or yours. We can even supply independent teams that can do tasks with little or no supervision from you or your staff.

Industries That Work with a Temp Agency in Tampa

We founded Xclusive in 2002 to address problems we were having with the temp agencies that supplied our hotels. As executives in the hotel industry, we knew there had to be a better way, and we found it. It quickly became clear that the system, which we now describe as our Xclusive Excellence™ commitment, would benefit many other industries.

Now we regularly field staffing requests from a wide range of industries, including:

The list continues to grow. Don’t hesitate to contact us just because your industry isn’t listed above. Instead, call 813-644-6874 and ask how our Xclusive Excellence™ can make a difference to your company.

Why Businesses Seek a Staffing Agency in Tampa

Tampa is a dynamic tourist city and a bustling port, which creates a highly competitive business environment. This can lead to challenges in planning an efficient staffing plan that is also robust against surprises.

Some of the common situations that lead people to need help from a staffing agency include:

  • Opening a new location
  • Unexpected opportunities
  • Peak season
  • Accidents
  • Bad weather
  • Call-outs
  • Outsourcing needs

Opening a new location presents a significant staffing challenge. You have a planned date the location is opening, but you might not be able to get enough staff in time and you can only draw so many from your other locations. In addition, you might need extra staff for the grand opening events like banquets and other celebrations.

You might also come across unexpected opportunities. For example, sometimes your advertising worked surprisingly well, leading to many more orders than you can handle with your current staff. Ramping up production enough to handle the new demand can be very challenging over the short time frame you need to make deliveries.

Peak season is a predictable challenge. It’s when you make most of your money, so you want to make sure you’re fully staffed. Unfortunately, so does everyone else, and sometimes your seasonal hiring drive just falls short.

Accidents can damage inventory, injure workers, and make a big mess. It can be hard to get orders ready and clean up after the accident on reduced staff.

Bad weather in Tampa can be anything up to and including a hurricane. After you’ve closed for the hurricane, you might need extra help cleaning up your location or covering for employees who haven’t made it back from evacuation yet.

While your staff might be very reliable normally, everyone needs to call out of a shift now and then. Sometimes, enough people call out of their shifts to leave you short-staffed.

In addition to all these short-term needs, a company might need a longer-term solution. If you have a position or positions you can’t seem to keep filled, it can be a big drain on your time and money. Whether you need short-term assistance or are looking for a long-term outsourcing solution, Xclusive can help.

Xclusive Excellence™ Sets Us Apart in Tampa

There are many temp agencies in Tampa, but only Xclusive Services offers Xclusive Excellence™. This is our promise to you that we will:

  • Fill your positions quickly
  • Provide you with quality staff
  • Handle legal compliance for our staff
  • Have managers available 24/7

When you are looking for a temp agency in Tampa, you probably need replacement staff as soon as possible. That’s why Xclusive uses its extensive local network to fill many positions in just a few hours.

And we aren’t sacrificing quality for speed, either. We identify the best talent in each field we staff, and we hire and retain them. We help them understand their value so they approach each placement with pride and professionalism. They will not only exceed all the standards in their industry, they will exceed your expectations. We lift our people up so they can elevate your business.

We know you worry that hiring a temp agency could create legal and compliance challenges, but at Xclusive, we make sure our employees meet all standards under US, Florida, and Tampa law. This includes requirements related to immigration, identification, and insurance.

There are rarely problems with Xclusive personnel, but if there are, we want to resolve them quickly. That’s why we have managers available 24/7 that you can call to address your concerns immediately.

Want to learn how Xclusive can give you a better temp agency experience? Please call 813-644-6874 now for help with an immediate staffing need, or use our online form for a more long-term concern.