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Xclusive Services – Columbus


Xclusive Services – Columbus

750 S High St

Columbus, OH 43206

United States



Temp Services Columbus, Ohio

Brewery District, Columbus

Do you have urgent staffing needs in Columbus, Ohio? Are you looking for temp services in Columbus because you have had call-outs from your staff or have an urgent request from a client? Are you looking for a long-term outsourcing solution for non-critical employees in your organization? If any of these describe your situation, then you should consider working with Xclusive Services.

Located at 750 S. High Street Columbus, Ohio, we are just a few minutes from downtown Columbus in the Brewery District. As the only Xclusive Excellence™ provider in Columbus, we not only recruit staff for you quickly, we will also supply high quality, well-trained, well-motivated staff with a professional attitude and professional appearance.

If you are in need of temp services in Columbus, Ohio, call 614-682-2900 today to get your positions filled by Xclusive. Many positions can be filled with quality staff in a matter of hours. That’s our Xclusive Excellence™ promise.

What Positions We Fill at Our Employment Agency Columbus, Ohio

Xclusive is a full-service employment agency in Columbus, Ohio. We hire employees with many different skills and can help you fill a wide range of positions. We supply all the following positions for short-term temporary or long-term outsourcing:

But that’s only the start. If you have staffing needs in Columbus, please call us at 614-682-2900 and ask if we can help. We will either be able to provide your staff or refer you to the employment agencies in Columbus, Ohio who can.

Think you have a specialized need that temp services can’t meet? Try us. We hire employees with many specialized skills and certifications. They often have diverse training from numerous sources, and we can find you an operator for a specific machine if necessary.

You might think that employment agencies only supply line-level staff. However, at Xclusive, we can supply you with:

  • Line-level employees
  • Supervisors
  • Independent teams

If you have need for staff to fit in to some scattered vacancies in your organization, we can help. Our staff is well-trained and can take instructions from your supervisors, or we can supply supervisors for your or our staff. We can even help you with independent teams that can work on their own with little or no supervision.

Temp Services in Columbus, Ohio Serving Different Industries

We founded Xclusive Services in 2002 with the goal of offering a new temp service solution to hotels, where most of our executives had worked. However, the quality of our Xclusive Excellence™ has allowed us to expand our offering, and we’re now a sought-after employment agency for:

The list keeps expanding. Once people realize that our different approach to staffing yields outstanding results, they seek us out in more and more industries.

Common Reasons Businesses Seek Temp Services in Columbus, Ohio

It’s hard to balance the proper staffing levels for your business. You don’t want to have more people on the payroll than you have work for on a regular basis. However, this means that sometimes surprises come up that require additional staff, often at short notice.

People often come to us because of:

  • Special events
  • Peak season
  • Call-outs
  • Accidents
  • Weather
  • Opening a new location
  • Unexpected opportunities
  • Outsourcing

Sometimes special events com up that require staffing outside your usual wheelhouse. Perhaps you are celebrating a banner year and need banquet staff. Or perhaps you have potential investors coming, and you need additional janitorial staff to make the place look spotless.

Peak season might be significantly above your normal staff needs. Sometimes you can make up the difference by recruiting short-term employees, but other times there just aren’t enough to fill the shortage. That’s where Xclusive can help.

Your staff might normally be very reliable, but everybody has to call out of their shift sometimes for sickness or family emergencies. That can, unfortunately, put your business in a bind. Let Xclusive help fill up your shortfall.

Accidents can lead to sudden staff needs. Maybe you lost stock for a shipment and need to add extra employees to make a delivery. Perhaps you had one or more employees injured. Other times, you may just need someone to clean up the mess.

Speaking of cleaning up, weather can require significant cleanup that you’re not prepared for. Xclusive can supply employees to do snow removal or to help clean up after flooding to get your venue ready on time for a big event.

When you’re opening a new location, you might have trouble hiring all the staff you need for it. Or perhaps you can staff the location, but you need people to help with the grand opening banquet.

Having a full calendar is great until that perfect job offer or order comes in. Then you might be wondering if you can take it and still run the event you’re already committed to. We can help you staff the new event with employees who will help you impress the client and win new business.

Finally, we get a lot of requests from businesses who find they no longer want to take the trouble staffing all the side parts of their business. If janitorial work isn’t your focus, for example, you might have trouble finding and retaining good janitorial staff. This is where Xclusive can come in. We can save you this trouble and help you keep quality employees for difficult positions.

Xclusive Excellence™ Sets Us Apart

There are many employment agencies in Columbus that you might choose. However, our Xclusive Excellence™ makes us a great choice. This is our commitment to you, and it includes:

  • Rapid staffing
  • Quality employees
  • Full compliance
  • Managers available 24/7

When you need temp services, you usually need staff fast. Xclusive can supply them. Thanks to our extensive local network, we can fill many positions within a matter of hours.

Although we supply staff quickly, we always supply quality staff. Xclusive knows how to recognize, hire, and retain the best talent in all our industries. We value our employees, and this gives them pride in their work, so they come to your job site with a professional attitude and a professional appearance. Plus, they’re self-motivated. We lift our employees up so they can elevate your business.

It can be hard to keep up with and understand all the complex labor laws. However, at Xclusive, hiring is so much a part of what we do that we take the time to make sure our employees comply with US, Ohio, and Columbus labor laws. We collect necessary documentation and provide health insurance, workers’ compensation, and more.

Plus, we have managers available 24/7. In the rare event there’s a problem with one of our employees, you can get help right away. Or if you need additional staff, you can get it on short notice.

Are you looking for a temp agency in Columbus, OH? Please call 614-682-2900 or use our online form to contact Xclusive Services. We respond to phone calls immediately and check our email every workday.