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Xclusive Services

Do you have a priority job that you need done immediately? Xclusive Services is ready to help at any time, day or night. We have teams capable of helping you with procedures like:

It’s no problem if you have no people to help with the job or provide supervision. Just tell us what you need done, and the Xclusive Services team can take over. Please contact us today to get a quote for your facility. For more urgent needs, call your local Xclusive Staffing office.

Disinfecting and Sanitation

Disinfection and sanitation are more than just cleaning. This can be a life-saving measure, and it can carry heavy liability potential if you run a facility for elder adults or children. You might not have anyone in your organization that you trust to do this level of cleaning, especially in the time you need it done. That’s when you contact Xclusive Services.

When you partner with Xclusive Service Experts to disinfect your facility, our team of certified technicians will disinfect each room from floor to ceiling. We understand the urgent need if reopening is contingent on a thorough disinfection after an outbreak of COVID-19 or other infectious disease. Of course, we can help with outpatient care facilities and other health care offices where disinfection is critical. We can also help breweries, bakeries, and other facilities where persistent contamination by insidious microorganisms can spoil batches.

We have licensed technicians available 24/7, and we will work with your schedule for minimal disruption. We use commercial, hospital-grade disinfectants that are safe for the elderly and children.


Every business depends on cleanliness. If you are in the hospitality business, you have a responsibility to provide a clean environment for your guests and patrons. If you’re in retail, a clean environment helps customers feel comfortable, so they spend time considering your merchandise. And in every trade, cleanliness is an important foundation for professional presentation.

But cleanliness is not always easy to achieve and maintain. Sometimes the professionals you hire are not up to the task. Other times, there may be an accident that leads to a janitorial emergency before an important opening or client visit. That’s when Xclusive Services can help.

Xclusive Services provides reliable, professional, and stress-free commercial janitorial services. We’re conveniently staffed to handle any type of janitorial service request, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of the job size. We understand how important it is for you and your organization to have a local commercial cleaning company that shows flexibility and helps handle any last-minute requests.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is critical whether you’re a manufacturer, a supplier, or a retailer. When either end of your supply chain might be a world away, you need as precise an inventory as possible for placing or taking orders. Recent disruptions in global shipping have shown just how important it is to have a precise inventory for budgeting and making sure you have critical supplies on hand. Unfortunately, your regular employees might not have the time, talent, or tools to perform a proper inventory. That’s where Xclusive Services can help.

Xclusive Services is a world leader in providing inventory services focused on client needs, tailored processes, and customer service. We take on your inventory so you don’t have to. When you are in urgent need of an inventory or want to set up regular inventories to keep your supplies on track, Xclusive Services has a team that is accessible 24/7. This lets us work around your schedule. We can perform an inventory outside of normal business hours so we don’t interfere with your vital work. Xclusive Services specializes in hotel and medical facilities inventory processes, but we are flexible and can help businesses in any sector to get the inventory they critically need.

Why Choose Xclusive Services: Xclusive Excellence™

With our Xclusive Services, you benefit from our Xclusive Excellence™ commitment. We promise that we will:

When you contact us with an urgent need for disinfection, sanitation, janitorial, or inventory services, we respect that need. We will arrive and perform the service according to the schedule we worked out with you. We will work around your schedule as much as possible to complete the work on time with minimal disruption to your business.

We supply staff regularly on a 24/7 basis, so we have quality people on-hand to handle your needs. We recruit and hire the most talented people in each industry. They will have the necessary training and certification for your job. We value their expertise, which helps them have a professional attitude and professional appearance.

Our Xclusive Services teams are capable of working independently, providing work that exceeds industry standards and your expectations. There are rarely problems. But if there are problems, we want to resolve them quickly. We have managers available 24/7 to resolve any concerns you may have about the work or personnel or even if you need additional services.

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