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Xclusive Services – New Orleans


Xclusive Services – New Orleans

317 Burgundy St

Apt 11

New Orleans, LA 70112

United States



New Orleans Employee Agency

French Quarter Temp Agency

Do you need help making up for staff call-outs at your French Quarter restaurant? Or perhaps your hotel is unexpectedly full, and your current staff can’t turn over all the rooms in time. Maybe your warehouse needs to handle more containers than usual because of shipping problems. Xclusive Services can help you handle all these situations as well as long-term outsourcing of positions you have trouble keeping filled.

Located at 317 Burgundy Street, we’re right in the French Quarter, but our extensive local network lets us handle staffing needs across the New Orleans area. Our Xclusive Excellence™ commitment means that you can count on us to get quality staff for you quickly.

Do you have staffing needs you’re looking to fill in New Orleans? Please call 504-826-8400 today and let Xclusive start filling your positions now.

Positions Our Temp Agency Fills in New Orleans

Xclusive helps fill a wide variety of positions at our temp agency in New Orleans. Some of the most common positions we fill include:

This list is by no means exhaustive. Don’t see the position you need to fill above? Please call 504-826-8400 and ask us. We can either fill your position or refer you to the New Orleans staffing agency who can.

Don’t worry if you are asking about a specialized position. Many temp agencies can’t handle specialized skills and certifications, but at Xclusive we have many people with unique skills and can likely find what you’re looking for, even if it’s an operator for a specific machine.

You might also think staffing agencies only supply low-level employees. However, at Xclusive, we can supply:

  • Line level staff
  • Supervisors
  • Complete independent teams

Our line-level staff comes to your work site with a professional appearance and a professional attitude. They’re ready to work and ready to take instruction. In addition, our supervisors are well-trained and have the experience necessary to supervise either our staff or yours. Or perhaps you’re looking for a team that can work independently with little or no instruction or supervision from you or your managers. Xclusive can supply that, too.

Common Industries Seeking Staffing in New Orleans

In 2002, we founded Xclusive with little more than the thought of providing temp staff to hotels. We knew the system wasn’t working and there had to be a better way. However, when we found the better way, we were delighted to see how many other industries immediately embraced our Xclusive Excellence™ commitment.

Now we are regularly approached by companies in many industries looking for temp staff, including:

But these days we are also approached by people from many different industries who need or want our help. Don’t hesitate to call 504-826-8400 just because your industry isn’t on the list. Instead, call today and learn how our Xclusive Excellence™ approach can benefit your company.

Why Businesses Hire Staffing Agencies in New Orleans

As a port and party center, New Orleans has a diverse business environment where things are rarely predictable. This makes it hard to maintain the proper staff for your company, which can lead to shortages and surprise needs. We often get calls from companies because of:

  • Bad weather
  • Accidents
  • Call-outs
  • Opening a new location
  • Peak season
  • Unexpected opportunities
  • Outsourcing

Hurricanes and other big storms can cause problems for your business. While events may be canceled during the storm, you might need extra help after, either because of the extensive clean-up or because your regular staff still can’t make it in to work.

Accidents are the bane of any business. Not only can employees get hurt, but you might suffer a loss of stock that will have to be replaced. Or perhaps you just have a big mess that your regular staff can’t handle.

While you might have hired the most reliable staff you can find, call-outs are a normal part of dealing with employees. Unfortunately, it often seems that too many people call out at once, leading to staff shortages.

When you’re opening a new location, you try hard to recruit all the staff you need before opening, but it doesn’t always work. Nor can you always shift people from other locations. Whether you need staff for the location itself or for the grand opening, you need help to make the event a success.

Whether your peak season is Mardi Gras, Christmas, or something else, it can be very hard to staff up when everyone else is trying to as well. Xclusive can fill the outstanding positions you have left.

But not all opportunities come with the seasons. Some happen unexpectedly, such as when advertising works much better than expected or if you have an offer for more work than your staff can handle.

Some staff needs are a recurring problem. If you have positions that you can’t keep filled, outsourcing them can be an affordable alternative to spending time on hiring, training, and other expenses. In addition to temp staffing, Xclusive can do long-term outsource of problematic positions.

A Temp Agency with Xclusive Excellence™ in New Orleans

While there are many temp agencies in New Orleans, there’s only one agency offering Xclusive Excellence™. This is our unique promise that we will:

  • Supply staff quickly
  • Provide only quality staff
  • Handle all legal compliance requirements for our employees
  • Have managers available 24/7

When you contact a temp agency, the chances are that you need people quickly. That’s why Xclusive works hard to supply most positions in a matter of hours, thanks to our extensive local network.

Xclusive Services focuses on identifying, hiring, and retaining the most skilled people for all positions we supply. We also value our employees, which helps them have pride in their work so they always come to a post with a professional attitude and a professional appearance. We lift our people up so they can elevate your business.

We know that many HR managers and departments struggle to keep up with all the legal requirements for hiring. However, since hiring is our main focus, Xclusive works hard to ensure we take care of all legal requirements under US, Louisiana, and New Orleans law, including immigration, identification, health insurance, workers’ compensation, and more.

With our approach to hiring, there’s rarely a problem with an Xclusive Services placement. However, if you do have a problem, we are right on it. We have managers available 24/7, and they will start working on your problem immediately.

Want to see the Xclusive Excellence™ difference for yourself? Please call 504-826-8400 now for an immediate staffing need or use our online contact form for a longer-term need.