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Xclusive Services – Naples


Xclusive Services – Naples

4500 Executive Dr

Suite 110-2

Naples, FL 34119



Keeping your hotel, restaurant, or events center fully staffed in Naples is harder than ever. It’s difficult to maintain staff, and employees are making more flexible scheduling part of their demands, which can make it harder to fully staff every shift. On top of that, it seems there are more call outs than ever. Let Xclusive Services help, whether you’ve got a sudden staffing need or are looking for a long-term outsourcing solution.

Our Naples staffing agency is conveniently located near North Naples, FL, near the Naples Social Security office and the Longshore Lake Community, just 20 minutes from downtown Naples.

We have pioneered a new approach to staffing in hotels and hospitality industries that helps us provide staffing when you need it. With our Xclusive Excellence™ commitment, we will provide you not just great staff, but a great staffing experience. We will fill your staffing needs quickly thanks to our extensive local network. We never sacrifice quality for speed: you can expect a professional appearance and professional attitude from your Xclusive Services personnel.

Have an urgent staffing need in the Naples, FL area? Use our contact form to get a quote today.

Supplying Numerous Staffing Needs in Naples, FL

Xclusive Services is a full-service staffing agency. We can supply employees to fill many different jobs, including:

Plus, many others too numerous to list here. Need something not listed? Please call and ask. We’ll either get you the people you need or refer you to the staffing agency that can.

Don’t hesitate to call just because your need is specialized. We can supply staff in Naples with specialized skills and certifications. Do you have an unusual piece of equipment that needs to be staffed? Give us a call – the odds are good that we have or can find someone who knows the equipment.

Nor is it just specialized staff that we supply. We can also provide you with staff at all skill, experience, and responsibility levels. If you need staff, we can supply:

  • Line-level employees
  • Supervisors
  • Independent teams

Do you have a few call outs or new employees you needed that didn’t work out? We can supply people who will fit into those spots in your organization. They will courteously and professionally follow instructions. On the other hand, you might need an experienced manager to provide structure and leadership in your organization. We can supply well-trained supervisors who can motivate your employees and keep them on task. We can even supply independent teams that are ready to take on their own responsibilities with little to no supervision from you or your managers.

Xclusive Supplies More Industries Than Ever

Xclusive Services was founded by hoteliers in 2002 to provide a new approach to staffing in their industry. However, our approach to staffing proved so successful that we realized it was applicable to many industries, and we’ve been expanding.

Nowadays, we regularly respond to staffing requests from new industries, such as:

Plus, we are constantly getting requests from new industries. Our Xclusive Excellence™ approach is so successful that we continue to add new industries to our list.

Common Reasons You Might Need Staffing in Naples, FL

Thanks to constantly changing business conditions, the staff you built in the past might not be up for your needs today or tomorrow. Add to that the uncertainty occurring every day in the hospitality industry, and there are many reasons why companies make staffing requests, such as:

  • Call outs
  • Peak season
  • Accidents
  • Weather
  • Opening a new location
  • Unexpected opportunities
  • Special events
  • Outsourcing

Health issues can arise suddenly for even your most reliable employees, and sometimes it happens to several people at once. At Xclusive Services, we can supply the additional staff you need to keep running despite the sudden disruption.

Although Naples is great year-round, the tourist seasons definitely experience fluctuations. If seasonal hiring falls short of goals, Xclusive Services can make up the shortfall.

Accidents can happen in any industry. Unfortunately, they can also cause injuries that leave you shorthanded. On top of that, you might need additional crew to clean up the mess from an accident. Xclusive Services can supply these, and other needs related to accidents.

Weather can sometimes cause problems. Heavy rains can result in flooding that can make it hard for your employees to make it into the office. In addition, hurricanes can lead to evacuations, and your employees might not always make it back in time for you to resume business.

Opening a new location comes with new staffing needs. Your hiring might not keep up with your opening schedule. Sometimes, you might be able to supply all the staff for the new location but need help staffing the opening events.

Sometimes opportunities arise that can be very lucrative, but demand more staff than you currently have on payroll. Xclusive Services can help you get the staff you need to strike while the iron is hot and get that business you’ve been offered.

Special events such as employee recognition ceremonies, customer appreciation events, and more can strain your staff to their limits. Whether you need people to cover for employees while they’re attending events or need staff outside your normal wheelhouse, Xclusive Services is here for you.

Other times, it might not make sense for you to take on or keep doing certain jobs. You might not be able to hire or maintain the employees you need. Let us take over staffing those jobs so you can focus on the things you do best.

Bringing Xclusive Excellence™ to Naples, FL

We know there are many staffing options in Naples. However, there is only one agency offering our Xclusive Excellence™. This is our promise that you will get:

  • Fast staffing
  • Quality workers
  • Assured compliance
  • Managers available 24/7

At Xclusive Services, we know that many staffing needs are urgent. You need people now. We develop extensive local networks that help us to supply employees quickly. Many of your staffing needs can be filled within a few hours.

Unlike some staffing agencies, we don’t sacrifice quality to meet your labor needs. We work hard to identify the best talent in all the industries we serve. We show these employees that we appreciate their value, which improves retention and gives our employees the pride they need to always bring a professional appearance and professional attitude to your business. We lift our employees up so they can elevate your business.

We take care of all compliance issues for our staff. You don’t need to worry about documentation when it comes to our staff – we make sure we have properly vetted and collected paperwork on all the staff we supply.

With our quality staff and documentation, problems are rare with Xclusive Services. However, if they do come up, we want you to know that you can always access an Xclusive Services manager. We supply our managers with smartphones, and they’re available 24/7 to address any problems.

Have urgent needs or a long-term outsourcing plan? Please call today or use our contact form for a quote on long-term staffing plans.