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Xclusive Services – Fort Worth


Xclusive Services – Fort Worth

4200 South Fwy

Suite 500

Fort Worth, TX 76115

United States



Staffing Agencies Fort Worth, TX

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Do you have a big shipment that needs to go out, but many of your staff have called out of their shifts? Is it your peak weekend and you need extra help to maintain your reputation for outstanding customer service? Did a client just increase their figures for estimated attendance at their banquet? In these situations, look to Xclusive Services, a staffing agency in Fort Worth that can help you fulfill your promises to customers despite staffing problems.

Located at 4200 South Freeway at La Gran Plaza de Fort Worth, we are just 20 minutes from downtown Fort Worth. You’ll appreciate our Xclusive Excellence ™. We can quickly recruit quality staff to address your needs, filling many vacancies within hours. Our staff will show up with a professional attitude and a professional appearance.

If you need temp services in Fort Worth, Xclusive Services can help. Please call 682-233-4952 today or email us with a more long-term need.

Positions Our Staffing Agency in Fort Worth Can Fill

Xclusive is a full-service staffing agency, capable of handling many different short-term or temporary staffing needs. We often fill requests for these positions:

We are also able to fill many, many more positions. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Call us at 682-233-4952 and ask for what you need. We will either be able to fill your position or refer you to the best staffing agency in Fort Worth to help you.

We can supply both general labor and specialized needs. We hire employees with a great diversity of skills, including those with certifications in operating specialized equipment and machines. Contact us and we’ll see if we have someone with the skill, training, and certifications that you need.

We can help ensure your organization is properly staffed by offering employees at different levels, including:

  • Line-level employees
  • Supervisors
  • Independent teams

Our line-level employees are well trained and have a professional attitude. They come in ready to take orders from you or your managers. Our supervisors are trained in how to communicate with staff, and they can step in to take over for your supervisors or managers. We can also supply independent teams that will work on their own with little or no supervision from you.

Temp Services in Fort Worth for Different Industries

Xclusive was founded in 2002 by several ex-hoteliers who knew there had to be a better way to provide temporary staff to meet the needs of their industry. It turns out they found it, and soon found that many different industries could benefit from their new approach to staffing.

Now we regularly help a wide range of industries meet their staffing needs, including:

Xclusive continues to expand as one of the most in-demand staffing agencies in Fort Worth. Once people see the advantage of Xclusive Excellence™, they understand how much it’s worth to them.

Why Businesses Look for Staffing Agencies in Fort Worth, TX

You run your business as efficiently as you can, trying to make sure you have balanced the costs on your payroll with the benefits of keeping people on. Sometimes, though, your lithe staffing strategy might mean that you need some replacement staff quickly.

Some of the situations where sudden staff needs often come up include:

  • Peak season
  • Call-outs
  • Accidents
  • Weather
  • Unexpected opportunities
  • Opening a new location
  • Outsourcing

Peak season can be a big challenge for your business. It’s when you make most of your profits, but it can be hard to ramp up your staff for the big weeks. That’s where Xclusive can help. We can give you a cost-effective way to meet your staffing needs and still remain profitable during this critical time.

You might have worked hard to assemble a reliable staff. However, they’re still only human and sometimes they need to call out of their shift because of illness or a family emergency. But your business still needs to keep operating. This is when Xclusive stands out. We can supply replacement staff that will live up to your discerning standards.

Accidents can leave you short-handed. Maybe your regular employee was injured. Or maybe you now have to replace lost stock or make up time for while the line was down. Perhaps you just need someone to clean up the place before the next shift starts. In any of these cases, you need additional staff to maintain your reputation.

Weather can lead to bad problems. Flooding after a heavy rain can make a big mess that you might need to clean up before your event is scheduled to take place.

As former hoteliers, we understand the special challenge of opening a new location. It can be hard to get all the staff you need for the new location, not to mention what you might want for the grand opening celebration. Xclusive can supply either of these staff shortages.

Perhaps you have realized that the way you’re handling some positions is just not working. You want to find someone who can efficiently hire quality staff to do the work you need done. Xclusive can be your cost-effective outsourcing solution for these positions, always providing quality workers.

Our Xclusive Excellence™ Commitment to You

We are the only staffing company that offers Xclusive Excellence™, a different way of working from other staffing agencies. We promise that we will give you:

  • Fast staffing
  • Quality employees
  • Full compliance
  • 24/7 access to managers

Xclusive Services utilizes our extensive local network to find people who are looking for the kind of work you need done. Because of our deep contacts, we can often fill your positions within a few hours.

But fast staffing doesn’t mean that we sacrifice quality. Xclusive knows how to identify talent in all the positions we staff. We hire and retain talented workers by recognizing their value. When they see their value, they turn that into a professional attitude and professional appearance. They become self-motivated and work hard not just to exceed the standards, but to exceed your expectations. We lift our employees up so they can elevate your business.

You might find it hard to keep on top of all the complex labor laws. At Xclusive, hiring is most of what we do, so we understand the laws. The employees we provide for you will comply with all legal requirements under US, Texas, and Fort Worth laws. This includes documentation of citizenship, healthcare coverage, workers’ compensation insurance, and more. We take care of it all.

When you work with Xclusive, problems are rare. But they do happen sometimes. And when they happen, we want to make sure we solve them fast. That’s why our managers are available 24/7, accessible via their smartphones. We’ll make sure you are satisfied with our staff: that’s Xclusive Excellence™.

To get staff from Xclusive Services as soon as possible, please call 682-233-4952. For long-term needs, please use our contact form – we check our email every workday.