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Cleveland Staffing Agency

Cleveland Staffing Agency

Cleveland, Ohio 44101

United States

Matthew Bell

P: 407-608-0524


Staffing Agency Cleveland, Ohio

Downtown Cleveland

Is your company suddenly short of staff in Cleveland, Ohio? Do you need a way to get quality staff on short notice because of an accident or call-outs? Are you considering outsourcing some of your labor for convenience and reduced costs? If so, Xclusive Staffing should be the staffing agency in Cleveland, Ohio that you call. Convenient to downtown Cleveland, we can provide all your staffing needs for either short-term temporary or long-term outsourcing.

If you are looking for a quality staffing agency in Cleveland, Ohio, please contact Xclusive today.

Positions We Fill from our Cleveland Staffing Agency

Xclusive is a full-service Cleveland staffing agency. We can provide you with employees for a wide range of positions, including:

If you have a staffing need, call our Cleveland staffing agency at (303) 430-1700 to see if we can fill your need. We’ll either be able to help you or tell you who can.

We can meet even very specialized needs. If you need an employee with a particular kind of training or certification, we can likely supply that, too. We have access to employees with skills and certifications on a wide range of machinery and equipment.

We offer employees at different levels, too, such as:

  • Line level
  • Supervisor level
  • Independent teams

If you need to plug a few small holes because of call-outs, our line-level employees can step in and work under your supervisors. However, if you want, we also offer supervisors who can run a team of your employees, or an entire team that is capable of operating independently with little supervision from you.

Staffing Agency in Cleveland That Supplies Diverse Industries

Xclusive is the choice staffing agency in Cleveland for a number of diverse industries. We have built a reputation that keeps people coming back to us from many industries, such as:

We are especially in demand from hotels. That’s where many of our executives worked before joining Xclusive. We understand all phases of that industry and why it’s so hard to keep your hotel properly staffed. We have also adapted our lessons from the hotel industry to help us provide quality, agile staffing in other arenas.

Why You Might Need a Cleveland Staffing Agency

Business can take some surprising turns, and you don’t always have the staff to take advantage of opportunities or deal with complications. We can help if you find yourself with a staffing need because of:

  • Accidents
  • Call-outs
  • Weather
  • Opening a new location
  • Unexpected opportunities
  • Outsourcing

Accidents happen, unfortunately, and they can put you in a bind. You might lose stock for a shipment and have to work hard to replace it. Perhaps one or more of your employees were injured. Even cleaning up from an accident can put you behind schedule with a staffing need.

Your workers are generally dependable, but sometimes they must deal with unexpected issues. Call-outs because of sickness, weather, family emergencies, and more can leave you with an unexpected staffing need.

Weather can lead to problems, too. Maybe you need extra help with snow removal. Or perhaps you have flooding that needs to be cleaned up.

Part of the challenge of opening a new location is hiring all the new staff you need for the location. Sometimes you can’t get all the people you need to make the grand opening run smoothly. This might be either the regular employees for the location or perhaps the banquet staff for the grand opening events.

Other times, you might get a big order or special event opportunity that is too good to pass up. Not only is it profitable, but it might be high-profile and give good odds that you’ll get well-paying work from it in the future. Xclusive can not only supply you staff in this situation, we can give you staff that will help your company impress the current and/or future clients.

Finally, we can help with long-term outsourcing solutions. You might have decided that hiring and maintaining certain employees is too much of a drain on your time and resources, which can be better spent on your core business. Let us take over some of those labor functions.

Xclusive Excellence™ Sets Us Apart

There are many Cleveland staffing agencies you could choose, but you will benefit if you go with Xclusive Staffing. As the only Xclusive Excellence™ provider in the Cleveland area, we:

  • Fill vacancies fast
  • Supply quality staff
  • Take care of compliance
  • Train staff in safety

Xclusive utilizes an extensive local network to access people who are looking for the kinds of jobs you need filled. This means that we can fill your vacancies fast, often in a matter of hours.

And we don’t do this by just pulling people off corners. Xclusive works hard to identify talented workers in all the roles we fill. We value their skills, and this gives them the pride of position to bring a professional attitude and professional appearance to your work site. They aren’t just killing time at your business; they are working hard to exceed all the industry standards and your expectations. We lift our staff up so they can elevate your business.

We also take care of all compliance issues. Hiring is a big part of what we do, so we understand all the details of US, Ohio, and Cleveland labor laws. We take care of all concerns about citizenship, health care, workers’ compensation, and more.

We also carefully train all our staff in safety. They take safety training at our office to get a good foundation. This includes training in handling bio-waste, hazardous chemicals, and other potential dangers. We will also give them additional training at your site to ensure they are prepared to deal with special concerns.

Do you have staffing needs you must fill in Cleveland? Choose a Cleveland staffing agency that offers excellence: Xclusive Staffing. Please contact us today.